32. Winter’s Tale Part II

Pursefixation against the Brooklyn Bridge

31. Winter’s Tale Part I

Blizzard in Central Park

30. Furry Tale Chapter II

Fur coordinated outfit

29. Furry Tale Chapter I

Fur coordinated outfit, Central Park North Woods

28. Zebra Dazzle Part II

Matching outfit, stylish look in black & white at the Gansevoort Plaza, NYC.

27. Zebra Dazzle Part I

Zebra stripes coordinated look

26. The Eye of the Tiger Part II

Tiger stripes matching outfit

25. The Eye of the Tiger Part I

Tiger stripes coordinated outfit

24. Rose Renaissance Part II

Floral print coordinated outfit

23. Rose Renaissance Part I

Rose floral print matching outfit

22. Camouflage Exposed Part II – Featuring beq Pettina

Camo coordinated outfit featuring beq Pettina jewelry

21. Camouflage Exposed Part I

Camouflage print matching outfit

20. Purple Reign Part II

Purple color coordinated outfit

19. Purple Reign – Featuring Jado Crown

Purple matching outfit featuring Jado Crown rings

18. Splash of Lemonade Part II

Lemon print matching outfit

17. Splash of Lemonade Part I

Lemon print coordinated outfit

16. Côte d”Azur Part II

Azur blue color matching outfit

15. Côte d”Azur Part I

Azur color coordinated bikini outfit

14. Snake Enchantress Part II

Snake pattern matching outfit

13. Snake Enchantress Part I

Snake print coordinated outfit

12. What’s the Buzz? Part II

Insect print coordinated outfit

11. What’s the Buzz? Part I

Beetle print matching outfit

10. Razzle Dazzle Part II

Gold coordinated outfit

9. Razzle Dazzle Part I

Gold color matching outfit

8. Pastel Petals Part II

Flortal & pastels matching outfit

7. Pastel Petals Part I

Floral coordinated outfit

6. Aye, Captain! Part II

Stripes matching outfit

5. Aye, Captain! Part I

Maritime stripes coordinated outfit

4. Pistachio

Pistachio color matching outfit

3. Watermelon Crash

Watermelon color matching outfit

2. Sweet houndsTooth

Houdstooth pattern matching outfit

1. Spot the Dot

Polka dot matching outfit

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