Pastel Petals Part II

Pastel Petals Part II

Time to open the secret garden’s gate again to walk around the charming ponds and admire the blooming flowers. So come in and follow me!

I wished I could pick some of these beauties to decorate my living room (shame on me!) but instead, I picked a Top Secret lace dress and Ted Baker Luceey pumps (similar) to accompany my purse on this stroll in the garden.

The dress is stunning! Love the lace overlay and a snug fit is just perfect and so comfortable. It’s not one of these stiff, “OMG how-am-I-going-to-sit ”dresses. No. The lace actually stretches and adjusts to your body shape moving with you so you can sit down and enjoy that cupcake at a cocktail party! What a relief! The top part is a sheer lace so a strapless bra is a must, girls! The lace is a wreath of flowers and the mauvelous color is truly marvelous! I also like that the lacy overlay is longer than a sheath and has such a lovely trim. I couldn’t be happier with this dress! And, the most important, my purse loves it too!

Let’s make a short stop by the pond and talk a bit about the color trends. Do you know who forecasts which colors will rock runways each season? Fashion designers? Not really. Color is a business and there is a company named Pantone whose core business is color. That is where designers look to find out which color will be a hit and then they create their collections based on the seasonal color forecast. But what is the secret of a color choice? A group of 10 people invited by Pantone meet in a white room somewhere in Europe. They often bring objects that inspire their current color fascination and after a discussion, the color palette for the next season is created. Names, place, date are surrounded by such a mystery that it seems like there must be some magic involved.


Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” and voilà, by a touch of a magic wand these Ted Baker metal tip court heels (similar) are straight from a fairy tale! Which one? Read on the sole! “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” And these shoes really can! Magical! The pastel floral print is sensational and beautifully complements the bag. The metal details on the tip and heel add some sparkles to these Cinderella heels! I also love the fact that the floral print is different on each shoe. It may appear that you wear two different shoes but to me, that makes them exceptional and one of a kind! And, it is the same with the bag. Each print is literally unique so you may be sure that there is no other handbag exactly like this one! Love the thought of it while walking on Madison Avenue with all those same Louis Vuitton totes around. Self-indulgent extravagance! But hey, you need these moments sometimes!

D80_20140601_062  D80_20140601_056

The Aldo jewelry I am wearing is all about flowers and pastels too. The ring boasts a blush bouquet of flowers and shiny stones. True garden on your finger! The earrings are two flowers in misty rose color with a wreath of sparkling stones in the center. The bracelets and rings: a combination of gleaming pale cornflower blue and cameo pink that blend perfectly with the colors of the exquisite painting-like print of the purse.

I hope you enjoyed our walk around the secret garden and felt the magic of floral pattern and pastel palette. I would love to hear about your own floral and color inspirations. Feel invited to share your thoughts below and come back for our new fashion adventure!


  1. That dress looks great on you, and I knew about Pantone as I am a graphic designer but I had no idea they were actually involved in choosing the color for the fashion season. Wow. And I LOVE Ted Baker!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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