Aye, Captain! Part II

Aye, Captain! Part II

Ahoy, everybody! It’s time to get aboard again and continue our nautical adventure!

Guess who introduced stripes to the fashion world? After a trip to the French Riviera, she was so inspired by the sailors’ uniform that she decided to feature stripes in her nautical collection in 1917. Who’s that lady? Coco Chanel, of course! She reinvented female fashion. Casual design, more appropriate for the summers of Saint-Tropez, replaced heavily corseted outfits.

Ah, Saint-Tropez! J’adore!

For my second sea journey, I invited a Dressbarn belted navy dress with striped bottom part and Coach Steffi Woven Leather heels (similar). Perfect match!


The dress is simple in form but expressive in color combination. It blends beautifully with the marine character of the handbag. I like that the top part is navy blue and the striped pattern starts from the waist down, which is where the purse is naturally anchored. The golden buckle of the belt shines in the sunlight adding a little sparkle to the dress.


Talk about sparkles! Can you see these glitters on my neck? Magic! That is how this Kate Spade On the Town necklace bounces the light. The effect is startling! The necklace is all glamour; so are the Kate Spade earrings (similar). The glittering stones and colors contrast, giving the jewelry a luxurious, illuminating quality and a dash of nautical vibe. Just marvelous!


On my right hand: a dazzling ring from Avon. Yes, I know, it looks like Princess Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. I wish it was a 18-carat sapphire and diamond one! The other ring (Avon) features a big rectangular ruby like stone in a silvertone setting. The navy bangle bracelet set is from Bonton.

The watch is Gucci with interchangeable bezels. Priceless piece! It comes with bezels of different colors that you can change depending what color matches your outfit better. This time, I chose a silver bezel to show you that there is nothing wrong in wearing gold and silver together. Once again, think creatively, sail close to the wind and don’t be afraid of mixing and wearing gold tone and gold or silver jewelry together. It really works and looks avant-garde!


Now, let’s walk on the shore for a little while and talk about these Coach heeled sandals (similar). The navy blue, gold, red colors and mirror-metallic shine of the heel are awe-inspiring. The woven texture of the leather strap is unexpected, yet very classy and luxurious. It’s another example of how chic the nautical pieces can be. Even the platforms have the striped pattern!

We are getting to the close of our sea journey here. I hope you enjoyed this nautical adventure with me and Mrs. Stripe. Now, it’s your turn to create your own unique marine look that is perfect for a seaside destinations. Be exceptional and stylish because as Coco Chanel once said: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. I can’t wait to see how you achieve classy and fabulous too!



  1. THIS is my favorite thus far of the PurseFixation outfits! Apart from the shoes (they might lead to a broken hip for an “old gal” like me), I’d feel very smart wearing this outfit! You are rocking, Renata! (How about THAT for a monicker, “Rocking Renata!”


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