Citizen’s Mark – Ethical Fashion for Women on the Rise

Citizen's Mark Launch NYC

If you have ever looked … and who didn’t … for a high quality blazer that fits you perfectly, you know how hard it is to find one. If you did find it, you’re lucky. If you haven’t yet, your search may be over right this very instant!

Crafted in Portugal of double-pressed Italian wool with sumptuous cotton seed lining, German wool undercollar and adorned with upcycled horn buttons, the Citizen’s Mark blazer has it all, and more: precision cut, exceptional quality, style and tailored fit. The brand addresses the high aesthetics and needs of today’s modern woman that is socially conscious and ready to make a powerful statement on her way to conquer the “man’s world” of leadership.

When I tried on a Citizen’s Mark blazer at the launch of their inaugural collection, I was nicely surprised how perfectly it fitted, and how luxurious and comfortable it felt. It’s one of those pieces of clothing that gives the extra confidence to open the door, make an entrance and have people listen. If there are garments able to empower a woman, this blazer is definitely the one.

Beside the highest standards and quality of materials, Citizen’s Mark is also proud of their commitment to responsible, fair-trade global supply chain and an environmentally friendly wool mill in Italy that purifies the water after the dyeing process.

Copenhagen Classic Fit, Zurich Slim Fit and Geneva Relaxed Fit – these choices of blazer names are not accidental. Nor is the idea of a label that sprang from the diplomatic soil of Switzerland, where the founder, Cynthia Salim, began her vision of an ethical fashion brand.

If you are intrigued and would like to learn more about Citizen’s Mark, visit the website where you can order these high-end blazers.

Watch this video to see how the blazers really fit everybody! Enjoy!

Have a fashionable day!


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