Pastel Petals Part I

Pastel Petals

Pastels: soft, delicate, light hues of color, so loved by Eugène Boudin and Claude Monet. Petals: romantic allegory of fragility, softness and bloom of woman’s skin.

Welcome to the secret garden of floral pattern and pastel palette.

Ted Baker Davena Floral Printed Cross body is an exquisite piece straight from Monet’s “House Among the Roses”. The dreamy, impressionist-like print takes you into the imaginary world of colorful blossoms. Violet Tulip, Freesia, Brilliant Rose, Bright Lilac, Dandelion, June bud, Pale cornflower blue, Jonquil, all flower on this wondrous purse. Shiny fabric, small dimensions, golden details and a top handle make this purse very classy and versatile. Love from first sight!

Now, do you wonder where all these inventive color names come from? Generic names like blue or pink are simply unexciting today. Instead, we see ballet slipper, robin egg, aloe or sage. One inspiration for fashion designers to help them come up with a color name is this List of colors with hundreds of unconventional color names together with links to their origin. Fascinating! Check it out yourself!

But we are in the garden so let’s stop and smell the roses!


My first outfit features a Ted Baker Dahnni floral dress and Coach Nala pumps. The dress is a real work of art with its unique, enchanting design and a bouquet of pastel flowers blossoming on the asymmetric draped front overlay. I love how the draped sleeve dances in the wind and with every move. So feminine! The draped front layered over a svelte sheath gives that flattering effect to any figure. So much to love about this dress! Golden buttons on the left shoulder and exposed back zip is where the romantic and modern meet. A truly exceptional dress that gives a new dimension to the word “garden.” This color palette worthy of impressionist paintings reflects the colors of the handbag. Coach Nala pumps are a subtle addition to the color wonderland of the outfit.


Let’s talk flower.


I am wearing two NY&Company bracelets featuring antique fuchsia and Tiffany blue flowers and three floral rings from Avon. The other statement ring (JCPenny) is a six petal flower, petals being sparkly, colorful stones. The delicate bracelet (JCPenny) is like a stem bearing tiny crystals and little stones of various colors. The earrings (JCPenny) are yet another golden, glittering flowers dancing in the sunlight.


I almost feel like one of the flowers in that garden of pastel petals. This ephemeral illusion transports me into the dreamy land of artistic visions, emotional equilibrium and pure femininity.

I am closing the gate to the secret garden right now but we will return to enjoy the colors of blossom and smell more flowers in Part II. Before you go, please leave the note and tell me your impressions from the visit.


  1. Well you look like you had a great time in the secret garden! And I LOVE Ted Baker, I am a big fan. Love the clutch and how you styled this look.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


  2. This is gorgeous! that print is to die for!! Love the summery vibes ! Stunning.

    If you get a sec, I would love to hear you thoughts on my latest



  3. Ostatnio chodzę zakochana w dodatkach od Ted Bakera, sama sprawiłam sobie bladoróżową kosmetyczkę z kokardką a przyjaciółce własnie kosmetyczkę w motyw kwiatowy, który prezentujesz. Super kolekcja.
    Pozdrawiam z Londynu i gratuluje bloga.


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