Purple Reign – Featuring Jado Crown


There is a color that has the magical power to spark off an aura of mystery and sophistication, boost your confidence, highlight your inner beauty and make you shine from within:


There is jewelry that embodies the harmony of nature, avant-garde vision of art combined with classical luxury. The jewelry that offers the intimacy between your natural beauty and nonpareil magnificence of form- the apogee of perfection:

Jado Crown 

What do these two have in common? They respond to the same set of highest aesthetics, incarnate passion and devotion. They are powerful expressions of ingeniousness, elegance and refinement. And they both represent uniqueness and royalty.

When Ashot Logian and Arthur Sargisyan, founders of Jado Inc., the top-end jewelry brand located in the NYC Diamond District, agreed to feature their jewelry on my blog, I was more than thrilled at this collaboration. And, it’s not only because with its exceptional artistic design – Jado Crown represents unparallel, luxurious creation – but also because of the philosophy and inspiration behind its craftsmanship. Intrigued?

Let’s Jado magic then and make the Crown reign!

But first, where there is a Crown, there is a Queen: my Kate Spade Ruby Street Little Kennedy. The symmetrical, structured design, elegant bow and deep purple color make this satchel a real royalty. Excellent patent leather quality, spacious interior, functional crossbody strap and front flap pocket are undeniable attributes of this stylish beauty.

What could be a fitter entourage for this queen than the purple classic sheath dress (Dressbarn, similar, similar), Coach Desaree Dogleash heels in ultraviolet and a golden bow belt (JCPenny, similar)?


This sheath dress presents a simple yet chic silhouette. The remarkable all over tonal embroidery features the floral pattern that adds the feminine touch to the whole look. The golden belt is a perfect company here. It accentuates the waist and pairs beautifully with the bow on the purse.

Gold is definitely the color to join purple on the regal throne. So is Jado Crown.

When I first saw the Jado Crown Ring, I was dazzled by all the luscious sparkles, symmetry of graceful curves and superb quality. When I put it on my finger, I got bewitched by how magical and elegant it looked. I didn’t want to take it off!


The Jado Crown Ring is a phenomenal oeuvre of an exceptional design based on the sequence of 12: twelve semitones in an octave, twelve months in a year, twelve hours in day and night, twelve signs in the Zodiac, twelve stations of the Moon and of the Sun. Across the cultures and religions twelve is considered the product of the sacred and the secular (3×4) as well as the sum of the numbers of life and good fortune (5+7). In the world of numerology, twelve is the number of completeness, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another which falls perfectly into the ideology behind Jado Crown.


Twelve is also mirrored in the design of monuments, temples from Stonehenge to the U.S. Government. In the “Cosmological Circle” which refers to an ancient geometric diagram, the visible harmony of all the numbers 1 through 12 represents a harmonious sacred microcosm. The “squared-circle” design insures that temples or other architectural creations are oriented to the solstices and equinoxes symbolizing the meeting of Heaven and Earth.

“The universe is simple if you use imagination.

Its pattern is the number Twelve which structures all Creation.

You need not study physics or be versed in numerology

To draw from Threes and Fours the duodecimal cosmology.”

“Twelve Fold Universe” by John Michell

That’s how a single Jado Crown Ring is designed, with 12 as a central mathematical element and 12 harmonious curves. Each Jado Crown Ring is crafted from yellow, rose, or white 18k gold, or black rhodium-plated gold. Rings are bejeweled with dazzling diamonds, deep blue sapphires and luscious rubies, all of the top-notch quality. 

But there is more genius in Jado Crown design.


It is created with four components (Jado Crown Rings) stacked neatly together in 21 different ways. This versatile construction is totally unique in the jewelry world and is now patented and trademarked. You can rearrange Jado Crown Rings on your finger in numerous, creative variations depending on your mood or preference. By adding more Jado Crown Rings to the set, you can come up with an endless number of possibilities. How innovative and unrivaled is that! The Rolex watch below is a splendid addition to this deluxe company.


Jado Crown is not only Jado Crown Rings but also earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all hand crafted with fine materials, dedication and meticulousness. I adore these stunning earrings covered with diamonds. The interlinked circles reflect beautifully the vision of Jado Crown: the unity of nature, the cosmological circle, the harmony of design.


The gorgeous pendant on a rose gold chain features an ambrosial raspberry tourmaline surrounded by sparkling diamonds. The bracelets may be called Crown Bracelets as they are bigger versions of Jado Crown Rings expressing the same rhythmic design and symmetry in the interplay of curves and lines.

Talking about beautiful lines and classy silhouettes: look at these Coach pumps! Gracefully crafted in a supple artisanal leather with the intricate goldtone detail at the toe and that vibrant purple color being a perfect match to the handbag and the dress.


The purple color is sophisticated, chic, refine and resplendent. A sublime sovereign that I crowned with Jado Crown- glorious, revolutionary creation that unifies classic and modern, luxury and natural beauty, mathematical genius and cosmic harmony. One-of-a-kind, versatile Jado Crown Rings that you can arrange on your finger in multiple ways creating your own unique Jado Crown.

So be creative, be Jado!



  1. Oh wow they do make some nice pieces! The rings are so dainty and chic. Gosh I have had the worst experiences with hair stylists when it comes to cuts. But there is a person named Jennifer at the Scott J salons on the upper west side. Was also thinking of trying Hair Therapy in SOHO and someone named Johnny but have not gone to him yet.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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