Sweet houndsTooth

Sweet houndsTooth

You can see a lot of the houndstooth pattern on the streets again this season: scarves, blouses, pants and…purses! Are you a happy owner of the houndstooth too?

One may wonder why it has been so popular with designers. I would say, most certainly for its graphics and visual appeal, but also for its versatility and elegance. That is what I like the most about it: classy look and geometry of this duo tone abstract pattern.

My purse is a Kate Spade satchel. A real gem! I love the combination of woven wool houndstooth and black patent leather trim. The wool texture emphasizes the geometry of the pattern which contrasts nicely with the shininess of the leather. Light gold plated details, small handle and chains at the sides add even more character to this stylish purse. I also like that the long strap starts with chains and continues with patent leather.

D80_20140405_086   D80_20140405_071

My first look features many details. The blouse is definitely an eye-catcher with a cute bow and lacy ribbon. As it’s springtime (even if it’s still a bit chilly here), flowers should prevail, right? Here you go then: flowers on the lacy ribbon and flowers on the tights. Add a flower bracelet, ring and earrings and you have a spring look even if the Mother Nature hasn’t quite made up her mind yet. Impo heels with their shine/matte contrast are a perfect match for the purse.


The houdstooth skirt and belt are from NY&Company, Dykon blouse from Poland, Italian tights (Levante), bracelet and earrings from JCPenny (Worthington) and a ring from Avon (Mark.) On my left hand: Bulova watch and two silvertone rings from Avon.

Now, are you ready to cruise on Norwegian Gem (the cruise ship you see above)? 7-day Bahamas from New York or 3-day Western Mediterranean from Barcelona trips sound like a dream! One day, definitely! Check it out at www.ncl.com


Oh, you naughty hound, you ate my truffle!

Have you ever though where houndstooth came from?

It originates in Scotland and was first worn by shepherds back in the 1800s. Later in the 1930s, houndstooth became a symbol of wealth and in 1959, Christian Dior designed pointed court shoe with houndstooth pattern in the main role! What a history!

For my second Sweet houndsTooth outfit, I invited my friend’s Bullador: Hannibal. Although Hannibal wasn’t very interested in posing in front of camera (too much distraction around, I suppose), we had lots of fun on that sunny day in the park. For all dog lovers! No, he wasn’t given a chocolate truffle. He got something delicious and nutritious- a dog dental treat!


As for the look, I am wearing a NY&Company peplum dress, White House Black Market heels and Worthington jewelry (necklace, earrings and bracelet). The houndstooth dress is simple but elegant and a peplum at the waist adds an edge to it. The open-toe heels are sexy but what I like the most about them is again, the mix of materials and how they match the purse. Just perfect!



I find the jewelry set very intriguing in its design and mixture of shades. The ring from Avon (Mark.) is also interesting with intertwined stones and lines. I love jewelry with personality and this one definitely has one! On my left hand: NY&Company watch and Avon silver tone ring.

Please tell me how you like my styling ideas! Would you mix houndstooth with any other patterns/details? I am waiting for your opinions! And, if you are enjoying my blog, please tell all your friends! Email, Twitter or Facebook link to: http://www.pursefixation.com

Many thanks to Anna Rowley, happy owner of Hannibal!


  1. Renata: What a fun and informative blog, and I love the photography, especially your facial expressions (and of course, the merchandise)! It’s definitely a lot of work for you, put it seems like you’re having lots of fun with it and I see potential payoff!


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