Snake Enchantress Part I


The snake – one of the most known and mysterious mythological creatures. In different cultures and religions, it has been represented as a dragon, sea monster, guardian of temples, incarnation of evil, fertility force, symbol of rebirth or sexual desire. Dangerous, mystifying, fascinating. No wonder this magnetizing animal keeps inspiring fashion designers. Each season brings new shades of snakeskin pattern. Gucci, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Diane von Furstenberg or Michael Kors, they all seem to be “amoureux” with snake and feature it in their collections.

And I too, must confess, have a little crash on snakeskin!

When I first saw this Coach Madison Pinnacle satchel (similar, similarsimilar), I was entranced. Stunning exotic python embossed leather, exceptional delicate light pink color that smoothly transitions into neutral and lavish hardware details make this purse deluxe. The moment I touched it, I couldn’t get enough of its magnificent texture. You can feel every single scale-firm, rigid plates that constitute enchanting snakeskin. Every detail hisses “sssuperb”. The elegant design, striking barrel lock of the flap closure, beautiful lavender interior add to the top notch quality. This handbag totally deserves all the “ooh” and “aah”!


To accompany this luxurious purse, I picked the Ann Taylor Flutter Print skirt, the beige sleeveless blouse (similar, similar) and Gina Piacci patent leather heels in light beige. Neutral is a new gold: classy and sophisticated. However, to wear plain nude colors could be dull, so make your neutrals strike with print and texture. Also, avoid wearing the same shade from top to toes. Mix hues and tones. A nuance makes a striking difference!

The Ann Taylor flowy skirt is such a charm. I love the subtle snakeskin print and faint maple color that make a perfect background for the purse. The skirt is so delicate and lightweight. It flows gracefully on the wind adding that extra feminine look to your silhouette. This skirt was made to swirl and dance!


Talking dance. The Hopi people from North America used to perform a snake dance to pray for the rain to fall on the crops, to renew fertility of Nature. During the ritual dance, the snakes were released into the fields in hope of the abundant harvest. Let’s dance then!


Some garments just make you feel light and “easy-breezy-beautiful”. It may be a cut, material, color, fit or all of these together. This outfit certainly feels like that to me. The Ann Taylor blouse (similarsimilar) is soft with lustrous beige color that adds to perfect scenery of nudes and neutrals of the bag, skirt and shoes.


The Gina Piacci patent leather heels are simply gorgeous and very comfortable. You should know that nude shoes make your legs appear longer and these ones have an additional attribute that elongates the leg- the middle strap going up the foot. How genius is that! The shiny beige color matches the blouse perfectly and I adore the little shoe charm attached to the buckle. So precious!


The Silver Night pendant (similar, similar) and earrings (similar, similar) set is made with Swarovski crystals, cut with a diamond shape for an extra sparkle. Simple but stunning.

I am sure you heard about Swarovski, an Austrian luxury jewelry brand specializing in cutting crystal glass. The company started in 1895 but few years earlier they had already patented an electric cutting machine for crystal glass production. How do they make their glass sparkle so much? Swarovski coats it with special metallic chemical coatings, such as Aurora Borealis that makes light refract in a rainbow spectrum, and special cuts optimize the shine just like in my elegant, sparkly set.


I think rose gold tone rings (Aldo, similar) and bracelets (TJMaxx, similar, similar) are delicate enough not to overshadow the beauty of the purse but at the same time add a little more sophistication and splendor to the whole outfit. The rose gold color matches perfectly the hues of the handbag and skirt. The diamond cut of the statement ring gives a brilliant shine. The glassy stone is set in a beautifully carved irregular arrangement of leaves. This is one grand ring! The other rose gold tone rings and bracelets add yet another sparkle to the look.

There is so much symbolism behind the snake that it’s hard to tell which element is a prominent factor of snakeskin pieces coming back every season. Mythological significance, the intricate beauty of snake scale or our inner mix of fear and electrifying thrill when confronted with the serpent. Whatever it is, it feeds imagination and triggers creativity, and I am sure we will see even more snake inspired pieces among new arrivals.

And you, do you feel inspired by snake trend too? Tell me all about how you wear your snakeskin!


  1. Of all of the designer labels who have taken on snakeprints, my absolute favourite has been Jimmy Choo’s constant interpretation of the print! This outfit looks so beautiful on you, the lenght of the skirt is really flattering and the elegant colours (and accessories) work perfectly with your hair and skin tone! Have a lovely weekend 🙂
    – I follow back on Bloglovin’ –



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