Camouflage Exposed Part I


Deer hunting or war zone fighting, camouflage has been widely used for its disguising qualities for centuries. Nowadays however, it aggressively comes out of the forests and battlefields, and makes its striking appearance on the fashion runways in the collections of Valentino, Michael Kors, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Laboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Carolina Herrera, to enumerate a few. And this time, camouflage is applied not to hide or blend in but to be noticed and admired!

So come out into the light and show off  your camo!


The camouflage pattern has undergone an impressive makeover: from rough and tough combat mix of dark hues in the military forces to glamorous arsenal of electric colors armed with fine fabrics and superb textures.

This Michael Kors Hamilton Traveler Camouflage Hair Calf satchel (similar, similar) is a killer: a perfect example of the luxurious camo statement. Chic blend of genuine haircalf and posh leather combined with plush camo print in a dominating explosive acid yellow strikes with sophistication. Add the elegant trapeze silhouette, easy carrying versatility, deluxe MK logo details and you have a glam bomb with its only connection to the weapon being an impactful effect it generates on passersby.

To amplify the effect, I pulled the trigger on the matching Michael Kors Camouflage Scuba dress and Tahari Comma Pointed-Toe pumps.

This flattering dress presents a powerful, optical vision and the same bold cavalcade of colors as the handbag. A-line silhouette, scuba-inspired topstitching and pleated skirt make an unexpected, versatile escort so you can safely take it both: to the friend’s wedding and to the office, unless your friend works with you- oops, faux pas! In that case, you can put a white blazer (Calvin Klein, similarsimilar) on and it will camouflage a bit your camo dress so you can wear it again and claim it’s a totally new buy!


In these Tahari heels, you can conquer any territory with a kick! I love the mix of two different textures and materials: soft olive suede and smooth dark brown leather. The slimming double strap and the pointed toe add a sexy vibe to these edgy pumps. The hue combination belongs to the bag’s color regiment.


It is stupefying how many different “families” of camouflage patterns have been used by military units around the world: chocolate chip, duck hunter, lizard, rain, puzzle and many more. Looking at the designs, I would say the MK dress pattern could be inspired by the puzzle type with the shapes of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Would you agree?

How did the camo transfer from a dusty battlefield to the glamorous world of fashion? It started with a razzle dazzle kind of ship camouflage painting used profusely during World War I. It was drawing attention to the ship but confusing the enemy as for the direction, shape, size and speed of a vessel. Dazzle was adopted by the British Admiralty and the U.S. Navy. Then, in 1919, it inspired a trend of dazzlesque patterns on clothing in England where guests of fancy “Dazzle Ball” held by Chelsea Arts Club were wearing dazzle-patterned black and white dresses influencing the fashion and art of the times.

You can  razzle dazzle in your camo too! Just add some gleaming jewelry pieces and you’re ready for a ritzy ball. Or, just a cocktail party.

I was hunting for jewelry that pairs with this luxe yet edgy camo look- something very contemporary yet reaching to the primitive animal instincts. Something wild. After searching through the forest of necklaces and earrings, I finally spotted what I was looking for. I got my trophy: horn-inspired pieces. I layered two necklaces: Vince Camuto Mayan Metals, Aldo Whitus pendant and added Vince Camuto By the Horns reversible hoop earrings, all three featuring horns that surrender easily to my hunter’s camo theme. Eye-catching but not overpowering, these trendy pieces deliver a touch of wild call against the jungle of camo print.


The INC International Concepts goldtone crystal pavé horn bracelet sparkles with glam offering a brilliant flavor of exotic sophistication: a perfect companion to the wild collection. The rings (Aldo, H&M, similarsimilar, similar) add a strong and stylish accent to the outfit. In my interpretation, the chain-linked rings invoke the concept of the untamed that has been captured. The black-face Gucci watch attracts the eye pointing to the chicness of the look.


Camouflage has undeniably become one of the strongest fashion trends, marching lavishly in the first row with other stylish motifs. Inspired by a military issue destined to conceal, it is now designed to stand out and impress, defeating the primal purpose of disguise. Stake your own fashionable claim by pairing camo with some glamorous pieces and there will be no way to hide, even in the grass!



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