What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla, strawberry, coconut, mint or maybe something more imaginative like ginger rosewater, white chocolate banana curry or goat cheese cashew caramel? I must confess that I haven’t tried those last three yet (they definitely sound tempting), but so far, my old time favorite flavor is … now you know! Pistachio!

The moment I picked up my pistachio purse I knew it was a gelato day!

My handbag is a Coach Mini Tanner. Soft leather, interesting shape, it’s the perfect size for my essentials. Versatility, fancy tassel fringe detail and, of course, that pistachio color makes this purse a perfect pick for this season.


To complement this beauty, I paired it with a Dressbarn abstract floral dress and a Coach belt and pumps. The dress is all about the vibrant, spontaneous colors and beautiful, floral/leaf pattern that is almost abstract and paisley like. I love the combination of bright, tropical yellow and light pistachio colors. Wearing this dress makes me feel so effervescent! It is amazing how much what you wear influences how you feel. Try it! Combine some spicy colors, try on some fanciful patterns and see or, I’d rather say, feel the results!

The dress came with a different belt but I replaced it with a Coach patent leather one which matches perfectly my pistachio heels. The shine, material and the color are exact!

D80_20140502_076 D80_20140502_098

Talking about belts, I find it harder and harder to find an adjustable belt that fits both, at the waist for a dress or skirt, and at the hips for lower pants. So, you either need to buy the same belt in two different sizes, or you have to decide how you are going to wear it. Choosing one size over another, limits your styling possibilities. What do you usually do? Buy a bigger size! Even if a belt doesn’t have a loop to prevent the ending from awkwardly hanging down while wearing it with a dress, you can easily fix it by sticking a piece of double sided tape in between two sides of it. Fast, cheap, painless and effective!

By the way, did you know that in China, pistachios are called “happy nuts”, and in Iran, “smiling nuts”? They really do look like little smiley faces, don’t they?

I added some pistachio jewelry to sparkle the look. I am wearing Aldo chandelier earrings, which I love. They glitter and dangle beautifully!

The bracelet from Target is intriguing because of the light green stone captured in a sort of a golden netting structure. Same for this unique Camelia watch, which features the combination of jasper like stones and silver connecting beads.

The flower ring from JCPenny adds yet another spring accent to the floral pattern of the dress. Its almost transparent glass pieces reflect the light and glister in the sun. The second ring (Avon) features a shiny light green crystal surrounded by tiny sparkling stones.

Now, try to listen very carefully… but first, find a pistachio tree! In the Middle East, they believe that if you hear the pistachio shells snapping open, it is a sign of good luck!

D80_20140503_172 D80_20140503_214

For my second Pistachio outfit, I picked a simple black top, Worthington ( JCPenny) skirt, jacket and Anne Klein black shoes. I think pistachio and black colors make a happy marriage looking very classy together. What’s visually appealing about the skirt is this single black vertical line with studs which adds a bit of sophistication to it. I also like a peplum pistachio jacket. I think it’s very flattering. Anne Klein shiny wedges are not only very comfortable but also go well with a black top.


I purchased this pistachio necklace, earrings and a bracelet at Barbara B’s. The hinged bracelet is a pure glamour with glistering little stones. What I love about the necklace is how this triple string of beads stands in vivid contrast against the black background of my top. It almost makes me feel like Queen of Sheba! Why? Well, apparently she loved pistachios so much that she officially announced them to be an exclusively royal food. Good thing that, queen or not, nowadays everybody can enjoy pistachio sweets.

The ring from Avon (Mark.) on my left hand is a striking piece! Innumerable little pistachio stones lead your eye straight into the center where you are dazzled by a gleaming amber stone. The second ring, also from Avon (Mark.) is an exquisite constellation of sparkling and light green pieces. A real statement ring! The watch is Gucci.

Don’t fight your craving any longer! Go get your own favorite pistachio treat! Enjoy but come back and tell me all about it! As always, I am waiting for your comments and ideas!


  1. Haha funny but pistachio has always been one of my favorite ice cream flavors. And that purse is just beautiful! Fun photos too.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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