Splash of Lemonade Part II


Cheerfully yellow, this small but powerful fruit incarnates sunshine and emanates optimism. Lemon is perfect for preparing refreshing summer drinks but we can benefit from it even more now, during the fall season when we tend to lack vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent source of vitamins C and B, phosphorus and also flavonoids known for theirs cancer fighting and antibiotic effects. So when life gives you lemons, don’t make a sour face. Just squeeze all the juice out of them! Boil a cup of water with a cup of sugar, mix well with the juice and add few cups of mineral water, cool and voilà! Lemonade!

For my second juicy look with the Kate Spade Capri Espadrille satchel, I picked the bright yellow ruffled top (NY&Company, similar, similar, similar), the Dot Structured skirt (Ann Taylor) and Kate Spade Iberis heels.


The bold yellow blouse (similar, similar) offers a vivid splash of citrus flavor. The adorable ruffle flowing along the front moves with the wind like a sail, adding that romantic, breezy touch to the outfit. The feminine quality of the top pairs beautifully with the Ann Taylor flounced skirt sprinkled with little dots for an exceptional texture. The combination of a yellow top and a white bottom serves as a delightful background for my Kate Spade lemony purse.

Lemons are thought to originate somewhere in Asia although it is not totally clear where. Brought to the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1493, they have been happily grown in Florida since the 16th century. The two most popular types of lemons are the Eureka (texturized skin, short neck, seeds) and the Lisbon (smooth, no neck, seedless). If you can’t stand the tart and astringent taste, try the sweeter Meyer lemon! It’s rounder with fragrant thin skin, deep yellow color and a slight orange shade when ripe. And, if you have a sweet tooth like me and want something sweet but with a hint of tartness, a lemon tart will satisfy your picky palate. Delicious, sweet and refreshing!

You would need 3 lemons! 1,2,3…


If you see more lemony shoes then these, let me know!


Sassy and chic, with beautifully citrus painted fabric and bow at vamp, these heels are a head-turner and juicy companion to the handbag. The fruity print has the same painterly quality as the coated cotton canvas of the satchel. Sophisticated design, eye-catching print and the Cuban heel make these shoes a visually enticing entity.

Talking heels: The Cuban heel is a broad, blocky heel of moderate height with a slightly tapered back. It became extremely popular in the 1930s. The sole of the shoes doesn’t usually continue down the “breast” (the front side of the heel), under the arch of the foot, but the heel is often constructed separately and then attached. The heel may be made of leather, wood or covered in material just like these lemon beauties.


To make this look 100% juicy, I squeezed some real lemon jewels in: Ann Taylor Limonata necklace, earring and bracelet set. Creative blend of sparkling, pave-studded lemon slices and sumptuous tortoiseshell promises a perfect balance of sunny jubilation and luxury.

Do you know that it is possible to produce low electricity by attaching electrodes to a lemon? Yes! Experiments show that a few lemon batteries can power a small digital watch. How incredible! Not enough for this Michael Kors Preston chronograph bracelet watch (similar) though. The genius marriage of two-tone resign and luminous hands adds another drop of glamour and makes this watch a stylish statement piece. The tortoise matches the necklace, bracelet and the ring (Monet, JCPenny, similar, similar). The other ring (Avon, similar) features a small lemon-shaped yellow stone with two glistering crystals at both sides.

Fruity prints and accessories are definitely fun and very appealing to the eye. When challenged, they can transform into chic and sophisticated while combined with elegant shapes, feminine lines, unexpected fabric or material fusions. From the pretty and delicate to the stylish and refine- it’s up to you to pick your unique, juicy look!


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