Watermelon Crash

Watermelon Crash

Spring is here with its splash of colors all around: yellows, reds, pinks, whites, purples and greens. All bold and bright, scintillating in the sun!

This craziness in nature awakes in me a craving for vivid, optimistic color. One glance at my watermelon purse and I already know it would satisfy my color hunger!

I purchased this juicy handbag at a small place called Madam in Europe. It was a sunny, hot day and when I entered the store, this purse immediately caught my eye. I had only one word on my mind: watermelon! The unusual color, the glossy look and interesting shape enchanted me at once.

And what is your color crash?

For my first look to highlight my purse, I picked a beautiful Top Secret dress and City Streets (JCPenny) heels. Both in watermelon color! The dress is very feminine and playful with its three layers of pleats and ribbon for a belt. A simple top of the dress balances the elaborate bottom part that is calling “take me to a wedding party”!

The watermelon heels are very high (5.5”) but have 1.5’’platform. This gives them comfort of 4” which is still fine for me. I like that the heel and platform are of a natural color and have straw texture. The upper part is made of a suede-like material and feels very comfortable. A pretty golden buckle adds little glam to these casual looking heels.


The necklace, earrings and bracelet from NY&Company are an abstract combination of three colors where watermelon bounces off the neutrals and shows its vibrant hue. Stone cuts and its glittering quality make this jewelry illuminate in the sunlight. Love it!


On my fingers: two floral rings complement the spring look. The big one from Claire’s has an actual real dried flower under the glass! The smaller, with a pretty, shiny pink stone and floral shape is from Sears. The delicate watch is Bulova.


Now, did I cajole you into trying to base your entire outfit on one color? The secret lies in mixture of captivating details and expressive design. Just pick the color and pieces that speak to you in shape, texture or cut, then, add some magic with jewelry of your choice and voilà!

By the way, did you know that watermelon fruit originated in southern Africa somewhere near Namibia? Me, neither! It’s rich in vitamins A, C, potassium and antioxidants so you should definitely include it in your summer menu.

If you feel like Meloniada, mix as much watermelon (without the seeds) as you fit into your blender with few mint leaves. Cool it well and then serve pouring Prosecco over. You can also add a little bit of lime juice if you like. Juicylicious!


For my second Watermelon Crash outfit, I chose a pencil skirt from Ann Taylor, a NY&Company ivory top and belt, and Exquily wedges that I purchased in Europe.

This Ann Taylor floral skirt is a real statement piece! I adore this intricate rose jacquard with light metallic threads all over. The combination of different materials: viscose, cotton, metallic and polyester gives this skirt a beautiful texture and glossy look. The reddish-pink rose color complements nicely my watermelon purse.

I like that little ruffle at the V-neckline of the blouse as well as its creamy-white color that adds a little warmth to my skin tone and matches nicely the skirt’s main hue.

D80_20140513_088  D80_20140513_234_2

The belt and the wedges are a perfect match for my bag! The color and the shine are all there! To add even more glimmer to my look, I picked a rose gold bracelet JCPenny and a ring from TJMaxx. The bracelet has a lot of tiny sparkling stones but the ring is a real stunner with the mother of pearl and all the glistering stone arrangement. I am also wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch with crystal markers and a small flower ring from Avon. The glossy necklace and earrings set from NY&Company add yet another touch of watermelon color and dash of glam to this outfit.

D80_20140513_133  D80_20140513_145

I think a bright, juicy look is perfect for this season, don’t you? What is your favorite?


  1. First of all, this is a FUN, whimsical post, even without the imaginative outfits that you’ve put together. I also love Dave’s photography and your sexy and playful poses-especially the one where you are holding the red rose to your lips. And the “Ask me what my secret is” look where you are displaying the big ring had me grinning.

    Now…you have GOT to be kidding about the 5.5″ platform shoes being comfortable. I barely can walk on 3″ pumps and then, not very far. I wish I had your feet!

    This blog was a brilliant idea, Renata. Keep it going and I’ll bet the designers will be lining up at your door!



  2. Yes one color would be a challenge but fun! And love the pix with the water melon. Yes we should definitely go to some events together. Let me know if you know of some and I will let you know if I hear of any.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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