Furry Tale Chapter II

Fur coordinated outfit

The story of the girl from the woods continues… (If you haven’t read Chapter I, you might wish to do so first.)

It was a promising fall day in the North Woods when the girl woke up. She opened her eyes and saw a gold light reflected on the ceiling of her room. She smiled. The eastern breeze made the ironwood trees slowly drop their golden leaves. The girl knew that if she had wanted to find the Magnificent Kingdom that day, she couldn’t waste a minute and let the sun surprise her at dusk.

She quickly bathed and rushed to her closet to pick some glamorous pieces that would match her Michael Kors Flurry Rabbit Fur satchel. While her fingers were running through the hangers, her mind was wandering somewhere else. She imagined herself in the Magnificent Kingdom, on the street surrounded by a kaleidoscope of luminescent lights. The lights were glittering with different intensities and colors. And, there was music. Not the music she heard in the woods but louder, faster, hypnotizing. The music that seized, lifted and whirled your heart around. She glanced at the window and saw a leaf dancing in the wind. “Yes, just like that”, she sighed. She knew she had to shake it off and concentrate on how to get to the Magnificent Kingdom. “Will it be today?” “Will I find the Blue Lip”? “Will the Blue Lip help me?” These were the questions that preoccupied her mind. However, at that very moment, the paramount question hanging in the air was: “What should she wear?”. And, for this one, she got the answer right away.

She picked the Zara Knit turtleneck (similar), Perfect Faux Leather Furry vest (similar), Ann Taylor Quilted Faux Leather skirt, Aldo Zaelle booties and Veneziana Felice tights.

The girl had a sophisticated sense of style and passion for detail that was clearly reflected in her outfit. She wanted to enter the Magnificent Kingdom as a classy lady. She wanted to be noticed. She wasn’t stupid; she knew “chic” was simply not enough in the place where women were gloriously stunning. She needed to be something more, a remarkable sparkle to behold, the one that outshone the others. A sparkle seen from afar that ignited from within, a star to follow on a journey that wouldn’t let one blink for fear of losing the direction; the star that one had already missed once the first ray of daylight came upon. Did she have the sparkle? Could she be that star?

New York City at night dreaming

“Sure, I could!”, she responded with confidence to the unspoken questions in her head, and the pieces she wore reassured her in this conviction.

The black turtleneck was a natural pick, as the cold mornings didn’t leave any doubt about winter days getting closer. She layered it with the golden brown faux fur vest that highlighted the luxurious furry purse and featured an intricate triple-belted waist with shiny gold buckles matching the handbag strap clasps.

The sumptuous quilted skirt was an upscale choice as it incarnated couture splendor opening the door to a high-class party, or so she hoped. Lavish faux leather, smooth finish and shine made for a sophisticated piece that paired so well with the vest. The quilt interweaving with the mesh of the tights produced a sensual extravaganza that one couldn’t take their eyes off, or so she wished.

Michael Kors Rabbit Fur satchel and matching Aldo furry booties

The girl was thinking about the shoes for a while but when she saw these brown booties, she knew they were a cherry on a cake. A leather delicacy topped with fancy faux fur inside that could be folded down and exposed for an extra deluxe look. The soft fur complemented the furry satchel and the vest, adding a cozy, warm touch to the outfit. Sexy-meets-stylish with undeniable comfort, these shoes were definitely made for walking.

She dressed quickly, cast a last look at her room and went outside. A cool breeze kissed her cheeks as she stood at the doorsteps of the Black House, starring at the leaves twirling around in the air, to finally gently lay on the ground, out of breath. The leaves created a particularly unusual formation of a Persian rug spreading from her feet and leading somewhere to the woods. She decided to follow the path.

She walked quite a distance and forgot for a while where she was going, enchanted by the beauty of bubbling brooks and water cascades of the Ravine Valley. The chirping birds inspired her optimism and filled her soul with a something-good-to-come feeling. She never felt alone in the woods where the trees were watching her, the birds were talking and streams were following her steps. She enjoyed their company and often joined in the conversation trying to find out more about life in the Magnificent Kingdom. But birds always avoided the topic. The streams rapidly changed the subject, and the trees pretended they never heard about such a thing.

She stopped by the Loch waterfall and the Pool Grotto, and started a casual how-are-you-doing chat. The Pool Grotto was still sleepy and seemed a bit distant but the Loch liked gossip and was very lively like usual, asking about the girl’s jewelry pieces: where, how much and how did she find such a perfect match?

Ravine Valley, waterfall and cascades and waterfall in Central Park

And the match was truly exceptional! The golden chain-shaped statement earrings (Aldo, similar) coupled perfectly with the interlocked chained necklace (Aldo, similar) that sparkled with black crystal stones. The bracelet (Ann Taylor, similar) featured an edgy mix of black faux leather strap and shining gold chain that paired with the earrings and the necklace, creating a sophisticated trio of glam. The collection of rings (Aldo Kismet, similar), that adorned her left hand, marked the last months of hopes and dreams about the Magnificent Kingdom, the splendor and magnetism of the place she headed for. The geometrical bar ring (Ann Taylor, Modern Classic Pavé) on her right hand married timeless sparkling luxe to modern, striking design for a happily-ever-after effect.

She stayed with the Loch and the Pool Grotto for a while but, when the light started beaming through the branches of the ironwood trees, she knew she had to leave them. The girl quickly said goodbye and walked along the moving waters. She found a narrow trail and decided to follow it. It was a meandering path and she had to watch out as the small slippery stones made the trek perilous. After a few turns and a few slips, she made it to the clearing and there it was – standing and looking at her with a face that said “I’ve been waiting for you for ages!” – the Blue Lip. The girl first froze with disbelief and then screamed with joy and ran to kiss the Blue Lip. She knew it was a turning point in her journey and she was only few steps away from the Magnificent Kingdom, or so she hoped.

The Blue Lip stone in the Central Park

The Blue Lip greeted her warmly and answered all her questions she so eagerly asked. She listened with amazement to the Blue Lip:

“The Magnificent Kingdom is a wild land of bright flashing lights and blinking stars spreading their glitter dust over the millions. Glamorous streets of shiny crystals and sparkling stones spread for miles. Music is heard on every corner, and every street has a melody and rhythm of its own. The sounds travel through the air, blending together into a synchronized orchestra whose restless maestro never puts his baton down. The prismatic tints of lights change with every sun-going-down behind the glossy houses, leaving the glow brighter than the sun itself. No street looks the same the next day. Neither does any woman. Fabulous ladies in splendid outfits walk along dazzling streets leaving a luminous comet of kaleidoscopic sparkles and an alluring bouquet of mysterious flowers sprinkled with a voluptuous spice that follows you after they’re gone. They look foxy but they are the hunters; fast and effective. They know how to catch prey; to be the first to seize the luxury purse. To sparkle like a million stars, even during the day. The Magnificent Kingdom is a glorious but treacherous place where one night you can shine bright and another day you may be just a glint. You may find yourself with millions, yet feel alone like you never did in the woods. You may love the music of the streets, but soon you may miss the voices of the ironwood trees. Once you cross the line out of the woods, there may never be a way back. Remember that!


The girl listened carefully. She liked the first half, but didn’t quite fancy the second. She felt deep down that the Blue Lip may be truthful about the Magnificent Kingdom being a tricky land, and about her missing the woods. But, she had dreamed about this for so long that, now, there was no place for doubt or hesitation. She knew what she wanted: she wanted to be a part of the Magnificent Kingdom.

The Blue Lip gave her wildflowers for good luck and showed the path she should follow to find the entrance to the Magnificent Kingdom. She walked about an hour when she finally saw it. The Glen Span Arch – the door to the Magnificent Kingdom. She couldn’t believe that just few more steps and she would be there!

The Glen Span Arch in Central Park, NYC

All her dreams, hopes and emotions came to her at once with great intensity. She gazed one more time at the woods around and thought about all these years she spent there. Then, suddenly, she heard the music coming from the other side of The Glen Span Arch: the music of the Magnificent Kingdom.

“Welcome to New York
It’s Been Waiting For You
Welcome to New York
It’s a New Soundtrack
I Could Dance To This Beat, Beat
Forever More
The Lights Are So Bright
But They Never  Blind Me, Me
Welcome to New York
It’s Been Waiting For You
Welcome to New York”

Taylor Swift “Welcome to New York

 The girl turned and disappeared beneath the Glen Span Arch.



  1. Oh I love how everything is faux fur. Just like your coat last night. I want to get a coat like this. And wear is this carving? What park is this? Is it Central Park? Great post.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


    1. Thanks Allie! Well, everything except the purse is faux fur here 😉 Yes, this is Northern Central Park – the land of cascades,bubbling brooks talking stones and ironwood trees!:-)
      It was so great to meet last Friday, we definitely have to repeat that!


  2. Estava esperando ansiosamente pela parte II… linda! Magnifique et talentueuse, comme toujour! J’aime beaucoup!! Amei a história 🙂


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