“Look at my purse and you will know how I feel today.”

Welcome to my Pursefixation world!

Some ladies start a day thinking “What should I wear today?” or “what will go well with these shoes?”. I wake up asking myself what Purse I am today. Yes! A Purse is a starting point, a star of my outfit that influences the rest of it, elevates my mood and makes my day!

As the main character, a Purse plays a crucial role in the choice of individual pieces of my outfit. Colors, shapes, patterns, textures – every little detail matters and everything matches to create a coordinated look.

On Pursefixation you will see a different Purse every post along with two outfits and suggestions how to complement it. Feel free to use, experiment, combine and mix the ideas from my blog and let me know how you like it!

Remember, it is all about fun and feeling your best while carrying your Purse!

So, own your look and enjoy your day!

Blogger and Stylist: Renata Gusciora, nickname Renfashionista. I have loved fashion since I was a child and organized beauty pageants with girlfriends from my neighborhood. Somehow, I always was in a judging panel, never on a catwalk!

I graduated in French Literature, worked as a foreign language teacher, later as an international TV channel editor with Tribune Corporation and now, I am pursuing my passion for fashion as a blogger and stylist, bringing together my European background and New York City experience. So, come along with me and enjoy my new adventure with fashion!

For any fashion questions, styling advice and projects, please contact me on my blog or email me at pursefixation@hotmail.com

Pursefixation.com © 2014 Renata Gusciora. Photography © 2014 David Van Camp unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved .

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