Purple Reign Part II


Have you ever wondered what impact a color has on your mood? How does it affect the way you’re perceived by others? Color is a powerful instrument; being conscious of its potential will help you make the right choices, and look and feel your best.

Purple, just like any color, has many shades and can evoke many moods depending on the intensity. Vibrant purple expresses extravagance, individualism, vitality, empowerment, mystery, ambition and creativity. Wearing this purple hue, I feel effervescence, confidence, chicness, feminine sensuality and mystic. Its uplifting strength makes me extra energetic, daring and ready to face a new adventure. It also feeds my imagination and invites me to experiment with other bold colors like fuchsia.


That’s why I picked this radiant blouse (Worthington, JCPenny, similar, similar) and Guess Lava pumps, both in rich fuchsia color to pair them with the purple skirt (Worthington, JCPenny) and black belt (Eva Mendes Collection, NY&Company, similar, similar).

This dazzling 100% silk top serves as a ravishing companion to the purple and possesses the same intriguing power to stimulate the imagination and captivate the eye. Combining hues of similar intensity creates a visually engaging picture. The marriage of this brilliant fuchsia shirt and royal purple skirt makes a striking imprint.


The black belt with goldtone buckle offers a perfect bridge between these two vibrant shades and accentuates the waistline. The knee-length pencil skirt presents a classy silhouette and matches perfectly my Kate Spade Ruby Street Little Kennedy purse that was born to the purple. This expression means born into a life of wealth and privilege, originally used to describe the rulers that were born in a purple chamber in the palace in Constantinople.

Where does purple’s elite status come from? From the rarity and cost of a pigment used to produce the color. It was obtained from a mucus secreted by the spiny dye-murex snail that was only found in the Phoenician trading city of Tyre (in modern Lebanon). 9000 mollusks were needed for just one gram of purple. Since only the wealthy could afford to buy it, purple became associated with imperial classes of Persia, Rome and Egypt. Later, Queen Elizabeth I loved purple so much that she forbade anyone except royal family to wear it through the Sumptuary Laws, giving the purple color exclusively regal status.

Queen Elizabeth I was certainly right about one thing: purple is glorious and has that majestic quality to it. It just can’t pass by unnoticed. Purple is perfect for a business gathering or job interview (yes! b&w is definitely passé) as it will highlight your self-esteem, creativity, poise, independence and determination. It’s important what you say. But, the way you look makes a towering difference and increases your chance to be remembered. Combine this with high heels and you will really make a statement! Like a famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin said: The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way”.

So I put my heels on.


These Guess Lava pumps in luscious fuchsia are a marvelous option to complement the interplay of fuchsia and purple in this outfit. They are not only very comfortable, you won’t get a “sticker shock” when you buy them.

Talking affordable: there was a time when purple dye was too expensive even for royalty. The roman emperor Aurelian refused to buy a purple silk shawl for his wife because it cost its weight in gold!

So what finally made a purple dye accessible for everyone? In 1856, William Henry Perkin, an English chemist, accidently invented a synthetic purple compound while experimenting with anti-malaria drug, quinine. Imagine? He noticed that it can be used to dye fabrics. He patented it, manufactured it and made a fortune.

Ladies, we owe him!


This royal necklace, earring and ring set (Eva Mendes Collection, NY&Company, similar necklace, similar necklace, similar earrings, similar earrings, similar ring) shines with rich purple. I like these sparkling stones placed in a square frame of the ring and earrings and how they geometrically match. To this eminent entourage, I added a delightful purple bracelet featuring intricate flowers (JCPenny, similar) and Gucci watch with interchangeable fuchsia bezel.


Beguiling and expressive, flattering for many skin tones and hair, this hue will make you feel more energetic, confident and simply seductive. Try it with other bold colors and lavender, pink or purple lipstick and you are ready to conquer the world. Make a brilliant appearance whenever you open a door. Be royal!


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