Côte d’Azur Part II


Summer breeze in your hair, blue sky above your head, happy sunlight on your face, soft sand between your toes and ocean of azure waters ahead of you. Piece of heaven to dream away these last days of August.

Come along with me on this new Côte d’Azur adventure! No tickets required, just a dash of imagination.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab something blue!

To accompany my Kate Spade Pool Party clutch, I picked the Dressbarn Asymmetrical Animal Print dress (similar, similar, similar) and Vince Camuto Adrien sandals.


I love the asymmetrical cut of the dress (similar, similar), light, breezy feel and striking blue print. The unexpected azure color of the mixed animal patterns astonishes and makes this dress a head-turner. Leopard and snake blue print deceives the eye and becomes an abstract water representation of foamy waves washing over the rocks. It’s amazing how the print transitions seamlessly from the dress onto the purse. A perfect fusion of wild animal nature and wild water element made through the splash of startling azure, the color of the Mediterranean Sea.


The Vince Camuto Adrien leather sandals stay in the same aquatic color palette that reflects the resplendent blue hues of the surrounding. The remarkable woven pattern of the shoes surprisingly matches the exotic scale-like print of the dress and the gorgeous texture of the straps offers a perfect bridge between the daytime casual and evening glamour of these splendid shoes. They create a beautiful, azure harmony with the dress, purse and the marvelous seascape.

However magnificent the sea scenery is, our Côte d’Azur experience wouldn’t be complete without a couple of macaroons, azure ones of course.


Almond or coconut? The first macaroons were almond meringue but now you can get different variety of these world known cookies depending on the country and recipe. Some historic sources claim that macaroons were first found in an Italian monastery around 9th century where they were shaped after monks’ belly buttons. Imagine? Ok, better don’t!

The macaroon’s recipe came to France together with the monks and the pastry chefs of Catherine de Medici. Later, two Benedictine nuns fleeing to Nancy to escape the French Revolution started baking and selling macaroons to pay for their accommodation and became known as the ‘Macaroons Sisters’. And, here we are today- from monk’s belly button to the luxury sweet treat!

Personally, I would say they were shaped after Michael Kors Gold Channing Turquoise Dial watch, or the other way round.


The watch is a true gem with the genuine radiant turquoise dial and gold tone case and bracelet. The irregular veins across the stone called “turquoise matrix” pair beautifully with the aquatic purse and dress patterns. It’s interesting to know that the name “turquoise” comes from the French for Turkish, as it was originally imported from Turkey, but its oldest evidence comes from Egypt and ancient Persia where it was believed that the hand that wears a turquoise will never see poverty. The Aztecs in Mexico decorated their ceremonial masks with this holy stone and the Indians of North America still believe turquoise to be a connection between the sky and sea.

And, it seems to me that this last may be true about turquoise as it reflects the clear blue of the sky and imitates the azure waves of the sea. Stunning!

In modern gemstone therapy, a turquoise stone is used to fight depression and its cheerful color may help boost your confidence. Even more reasons to wear turquoise jewelry! So I do! On my finger: a real gold ring (similar, similar) with a tiny genuine turquoise- a gift from my mum on my 18th birthday. I cherish it a lot.


My necklace, earring and bracelet set (JCPenny, similar necklace, similar earrings, similar bracelet) adds a glamour factor and sophistication to the outfit. Eye-catching design, gold tone strings of chains, sparkling glass and the blue element captivate the attention and highlight all the blues around. The statement ring (Aldo) features a big, light blue glass stone in a gold tone leaves-shaped setting. When you look closer, you can see clusters of luminous gold powder crystallized under the glass, like stardust in the sky.


The sky and the sea, so distant and so close. I love walking along the shoreline and looking at the horizon, the magic place in between two worlds where the sea and the sky meet and create the immense azure. It makes me feel like one little water drop in this ocean of blue. But, at the same time, I know I am a part of it and that brings peace to my heart and gives me strength to keep walking.


Thank you for walking with me and being part of this azure adventure. Maybe one day we will meet again on the sand of Saint-Tropez or Antibes, or, who knows, New York City?

Keep walking.


  1. Oh my those shoes are stunners! I wish they made them a bit lower. Being almost 5’8″ wearing heels this high makes me too tall, but love the look! Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy Fashion Week.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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