Spot the Dot

Spot the Dot

I love finding pieces that match! It may be a color, texture, design, material, pattern or just a detail. The outfit should become a complete look and have a character but at the same time the pieces should stand on their own. Mission impossible? Not at all!

Nowadays, it gets easier to find accessories that match the rest of your clothing. Many brands offer the items that perfectly complement each other. On my blog, you will see some of these as well as the pieces of different brands that I found and put together for the unique look.

D80_20140322_190_1      D80_20140322_209_1

This post, I am a Brahmin Olivia Rose Polka Dot purse. It is a truly unique and adorable piece and I love all the details about it: the polka dot of course! But also, the calf hair and two roses that are just precious! The square shape is perfect for me and the long strap makes it so versatile! Love it, love it!

In my choice of the outfit for this purse, I picked a long sleeve Danny & Nicole dress that I found at JCPenny and Enzo Angliolini ballerina flats that you can still get on What I like about the dress are obviously polka dot sheer sleeves which tan color goes perfectly with my purse design. The black, suede ribbon adds a definition to the waist. The shoes! That’s my secret weapon here! Not only they are very comfortable but the polka dot pattern has the same calf hair texture as my purse.

The jewelry has always been very important for me and here I tried to add a little dotty sparkle to the outfit. I think this dress just calls for a longer necklace. The necklace is from JCPenny and the earrings from NY&Company. The bracelet and a ring on my right hand are made with amber from Poland which I personally cherish. Nothing glows like an amber in the sun! The ring on my left hand is from JCPenny too and a Gucci watch I found on from a trustful seller.

Black and nude are a classy combination and sometimes you don’t need much than to add a little sparkle to the whole look. Here, the colors are just perfect for my Brahmin Olivia Rose Polka Dot beauty. You just have to Spot the Dot!


For my second look, I chose an Ali & Kris sheer polka dot blouse that I found at TJMaxx, NY& Company tan skirt and Guess nude heels.The blouse is cute and sexy but for an office you need a cami underneath it. I like the inverted polka dot colors here. The skirt is very simple and together with the nude heels creates a nice background for the polka dot. The Calvin Klein belt with dotty studs is a nice addition to the look.

D80_20140501_045    D80_20140403_034

The necklace is from JCPenny. It’s a loose string of stones. Now, watch out! I twisted it at my neck to get that dotty effect around my neckline which I think makes the look much more intriguing. Don’t be afraid to play with your jewelry! Your long string of pearls doesn’t have to hang down loosely. You can easily make an interesting knot with it instead.

I like these NY&Company earrings a lot! Not only it’s another dot but look at this design!I think it’s really cool! This black/gold chunky dot bracelet from Eva Mendes collection looks sophisticated and contrasts nicely with a delicate bracelet and ring combo on my left hand. I found that last one in a little jewelry store called Barbara B’s in the Stroud Mall, Stroudsbourg, PA. Check it out if you are around! The Raymond Weil watch is visually yet another dot with electroplated diamonds around it. The other ring is from Avon and features a dot- pearl.

The polka dot is so much fun and so easy to work with! It adds a whimsical touch to your outfit, it’s classy and definitely stands out while combined with neutral hues so, go ahead and try it on your own!

With these two outfits, I tried to show how you can create perfectly coordinated looks where the individual pieces play their own roles and complement each other in a cohesive, yet distinctive way. Let me know what you think!


  1. What a GREAT debut for Pursification, Renata. A unique idea, and I hope it grows and YOU prosper. I find it charming that your writing reflects your European background, though I think you should have a short biographical sketch so your new readers understand that “touch.” Congratulations on this wonderful new enterprise. By the way, you are looking MARVELOUS!


  2. Hi Renata, this looks great. I always said you needed to document your outfits and sense of style. I am excited to see what comes of this and happy to be able to keep in touch with you. Good luck 🙂


  3. What a wonderful website. I have thoroughly enjoyed examining all the fashion tips here, Renata! I am so glad I found you here and signed up!


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