Snake Enchantress Part II


The serpent inspired pieces make my imagination run wild to far away destinations like Morocco, Egypt or India. I see a snake charmer with a turban on his head, sitting cross-legged on a colorful carpet on the street, with his pungi and a straw basket. He starts playing entrancing notes and suddenly, as lured by the tune, a cobra emerges from the basket in a hypnotizing dance. It’s a bit disappointing to find out that a serpent actually cannot hear any music and it only follows the movements of the pungi instrument and charmer’s hands, treating them as a predator. However demystified the snake charmer’s act is, the untamed animal and its intricate skin keep seducing like in the old times of Biblical Paradise.

And I succumbed again.


I couldn’t resist the Ann Taylor python print blouse and Lydia leather slingback heels. To accompany my Coach Madison Pinnacle satchel (similar, similar) and these delicate snakeskin pieces I picked the white pencil skirt (Worthington, JCPenny, similar, similar) and the Kate Spade Skinny Pyramid Bow belt in blush color.

The Ann Taylor blouse is pure luxury. Beautiful rosy pink and beige chiffon combined with light crinkled texture, satiny trim and delicate python print make it a perfect companion for my Coach handbag. For work, you may want to wear a cami beneath as the fabric is very fine. I love delicate materials. They flow and brush softly your skin. This top almost feels like I am not wearing anything, like my second skin, snakeskin. Magical sensation!

Talking magic: in Ancient Egypt the snake charmers were high-status men and acted as magicians and healers. They knew the names of snakes, the gods to whom they were sacred and they learnt how to treat people bitten by a serpent. Today, the status of snake charmers has changed a lot. Even if there are still about one million of them remain in India, it is a dying profession and many charmers scavenge, sell amulets, magical potions or pamphlets containing magic spells to make ends meet. However, you can still see them perform in strategic tourist areas around India, Bangladesh, Tunisia or Pakistan. Maybe in a few years they will find a magic spell to help them reestablish their position? Who knows.


Right now, I don’t want to wake from a spell that the snakeskin cast on me. It feels so soft in these Ann Taylor luxe burnished calf leather heels. Absolutely charming pointy toe shoes with elegant design, lovely neutral shade of foggy morning combined with subtle textured snakeskin pattern that reflects the hues of the bag and the blouse.

So what is burnished leather? Burnishing is one of the last procedures performed on a pair of shoes before they land in the box. It’s a process of giving a velvety finish by rubbing the surface of leather while it’s moist to achieve a glossy edge usually contrasting with the other part that hasn’t been burnished and has an unrefined look. And, these heels are a perfect example! You touch and you feel the smoothness of the burnished front and the sharp texture of the snakeskin part. Love it!

To stay in a light color palette, I picked this cocktail length white pencil skirt (Worthington, JCPenny, similar, similar) which is simple yet classy and brightens the whole outfit.


White is also a dominant hue of my statement necklace and earrings set (TJMaxx, similar). The stunning, shiny mother of pearl set in a rose goldtone setting. Intricate design and uneven texture of the rose gold metal highlight the texture of the handbag and the rest of the colors.


Both rings feature pearls as well. The big statement ring (JCPenny, similar) is a pearly flower and the small one (Macy’s, similar, similar, similar) – a bow with three sparkling stones in the center.


The bow ring pairs beautifully with the Kate Spade pyramid bow belt (similar, similar) and the blush color of the belt accentuates the shades of the top and the purse.


I wanted the whole look to be bright, classy and sophisticated, just like my Coach python-embossed satchel.

Are you going to succumb to snake temptation too? If yes, tell me what snakeskin piece you’re hunting for this season! Or, maybe you traveled to an exotic place and saw a snake charmer? I want to know that too!


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