Winter’s Tale Part I

Blizzard in Central Park

They’re not just dreams. Not anymore, I dream more than I wake now, and, at times, I have crossed over. Can’t you see? I’ve been there.”

Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin.

I dreamed about the perfect blizzard to come over New York City, the one that transfigures scenery and redesigns the landscape; the mesmerizing snow storm that slows time down and takes you into the realm of pure winter wonderland, where snow incessantly falls with soft, sparkling, shooting star flakes that resemble comet’s tail when captured in the fall, before they kiss the puffy clouds you walk on.

The abandoned stars were hers for the many rich hours of sparkling winter nights, and, unattended, she took them in like lovers.

And, a blizzard came bringing the most enchanting romance of this winter.

Snowflake meteorites dancing around in acrobatic twirls, poppy red children’s cheeks, cotton candy covered trees and a snowmen competition transformed the world in the carnival of joy that one needs to see to feel the magic of it.

I needed to feel the magic and I wanted to make a memory out of it. So, I headed to the most marvelous place to be in New York City when it snows.

The Central Park.

Michael Kors Faux Fur Cheetah -Print Coat in Blue and Ted Baker Moti Envelope Clutch in Blue, coordinated outfit in Central Park Winter 2015

To celebrate this star-studded winter spectacle, I picked the stupendous Ted Baker Moti Envelope clutch in startling bright blue ombré. With its beautiful soft leather and the extraordinary exotic Mohawk made from genuine springbok hide, this showstopper purse is a pure wonder. The brilliant blue-dyed, fan-shaped hair sensation stands erect when the flap is down and folds once you open the clutch. This genius design reflects the springbok’s behavior in its natural habitat. To show off its strength and seduce a mate or scare a predator, the male springbok puts on quite a show. With an exhilarating trot and giant leaps into the air, the animal arches its back and opens a skin flap along it, exposing an impressive fan of hair similar to the Mohawk on the purse. The ritual is called ”pronking” from Dutch for “pronk” – “show off”. How fascinating is that? And, yes, this clutch definitely woos and captivates the attention.

I embraced the animal magnetism of this alluring purse and paired it with the Michael Kors Faux-Fur Cheetah Print coatAnn Taylor Cashmere turtleneck, Ann Taylor Textured Flounce skirt, Veneziana Lindsay tights and Guess Parley Pointed-Toe booties.

“Give me a chance and you’ll melt all the snow in the world”

Winter by Belvedere Castle in Central Park

The glamorous faux fur coat in rich blue shade melted my heart when I first saw it. I was instantly enamored of the striking animal spots against this unexpected, amazing Amalfi blue – the color of the Amalfi Coast in the Province of Salerno in Southern Italy. It may be inspired by that Italian coastline but it certainly has what it takes to protect against the chill of the New York City winter. Soft, warm and luxurious, this coat is a head turner and a sumptuous escort to the clutch.

Almost like in their natural habitat, where a hunting cheetah grasps a gazelle prey, my cheetah coat seizes the springbok clutch in a tender yet inescapable embrace.

To keep me even warmer against the biting northern wind, I put on this black cashmere turtleneck that feels so soft and cozy. It matches the animal print of the coat and stays totally in tune with the rest of my bi-colored outfit.

The blue flounce skirt adds a modish spin to the silhouette and perfectly coordinates with the coat, purse and the shoes. I adore the wide hem for its flirty flare – perfect for twirling around and showing a little bit of a leg, especially when you’re wearing the sultry Veneziana tights with an intricate floral motif in the upper part. What about a little flower in the middle of the snowstorm?

I say “yes”!

Ted Baker Moti Envelope Clutch in Blue

“He promised them love affairs and sleigh races, cross-country skiing on the main thoroughfares, and the transfixing blizzards that howled outside and made the heart dance”

The blizzard that day was tremendous and blew my expectation away with every star flake shooting down from the whiter than white sky. The magic was irresistible and, although the frosty wind made my fingers cherry red, my heart pirouetted with enchantment.

Bel vedere

Belvedere, meaning “beautiful view” in Italian, is the fairy-tale, Romanesque Castle that emerged in front of me from enchanted snowy scenery of the park. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1869, this architectural wonder rises from the rock. Erected from Manhattan schist extracted from the park and dressed with gray granite, it dazzles visitors with beautiful vista of Central Park. A popular filming location, you may recognize it from movies such as The Bostonians with Christopher Reeve, Hannah and Her Sisters with Woody Allen or Stepmom with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon.

“Winter then in its early and clear stages, was a purifying engine that ran unhindered over city and country, alerting the stars to sparkle violently and shower their silver light into the arms of bare upreaching trees. It was a mad and beautiful thing that scoured raw the souls of animals and man, driving them before it until they loved to run.”

The Castle lookout unfolded a spectacular panorama of the Great Lawn and Turtle Pond, all covered with pillow fluff in marshmallow shade. Such a beautiful view! Being up there made me feel like the Snow Queen casting a magical powder over her kingdom. I couldn’t resist but to touch the snow.

And, it was cold!- which quickly woke me from my fantasy.

On my frozen fingers: Michela Curonne Rectangle Faux Sapphire and Michael Kors Gunmetal-Tone Blue Pavé Dome rings – both featuring sparkling stones of deep blue hint.

Ted Baker Moti Envelope Clutch in Blue

The faux sapphire princess-worthy ring is framed with cubic zirconia crystals for an extra royal sparkle. The remarkable deep indigo central stone reflects the richness of the blue color of the hide on the clutch, adding a conspicuous touch of glamour and elegance to the look.

“She felt as if she knew the stars, and had been among them, or would be.”

Winter in Central Park. Michael Kors Faux Fur Blue Coat

The other ring is a part of a set, and together with this Michael Kors Gunmetal-Tone Blue Pavé Choker necklace and Long Drop earrings features startling blue crystals glistering like the stars against the shiny dark steel; reminiscence of starry nights enclosed in the gleaming jewelry. Sophisticated and luxurious, they create a bedazzling constellation perfectly complementing this star-studded extravaganza, with the Guess booties bringing the sex appeal and modern flair to the attire.

Guess Parley Pointed-Toe Multi Suede Booties in Blue and Ted Baker Moti Envelope Clutch , matching outfit

The deep blue hue of the shoes mirrors the color of the skirt and the intense shade of the chic bag, playing a crucial role in the harmonious duo colorblock alternation of this coordinated outfit. The blue suede anchored by black textured crocodile-embossed leather straps adds an edgy twist and rock-and-roll vibe to these knockout heels, while the pointed-toe and lustrous buckles sizzle with sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on the freshly fallen snow stars.

And, the snow stars kept falling harder and harder adding a new coating of flakes with every minute of that afternoon in Central Park. It seemed like the sky wanted to shelter the world covering it with puffy clouds to freeze and preserve its beauty, and let magic last forever.

Let it last.

Snow storm in Central Park

“What if, once upon a time, there were no stars in the sky at all? What if the stars are not what we think? What if the light from afar doesn’t come from the rays of distant suns, but from our wings as we turn into angels? Destiny calls to each of us. And there is a world behind the world where we are all connected, all part of a great and moving plan. Magic is everywhere around us. You just have to look. Look. Look closely. For even time and distance are not what they appear to be”.

Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin


    1. Yes, that was a perfect winter day but I surely miss the summer sun too!;-) Hey Ashlee, I love Philly! I have been there few months ago shooting my Zebra Dazzle and The Eye of the Tiger outfits! I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for stopping by!:-)


  1. You know I LOVE that coat! I just may have to pick one up. And the Ted Baker bag, I love Ted Baker. Their stores are just a dream to shop it too. We will have to have an excursion to one, one of these days.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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