The Eye of the Tiger Part I




 “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter

 Dancing through the fire

‘Cause  I am a champion

And you’re gonna hear me roar

Louder, louder than a lion

‘Cause I am a champion

 And you’re gonna hear me roar”

   “Roar”, Katy Perry (video)

There is a woman that feels so strong and invincible that the power inside her emanates to the world. It says she can conquer whatever territory she sees on the horizon. You can spot this woman on the streets of NYC or any other street she walks on. The way she moves – confident. The way she looks at you – forceful. The way she is dressed – inspiring. The way she is – magnificent.

There is a woman that feels powerless and vulnerable. Afraid of the world around and unattainable challenges. She doesn’t go out often so you have a little chance to meet her. However, she holds a promise of ardent power, determination and passion for life. She has yet to find the way to wake that great force sleeping inside.

There are days when I am that self-confident woman that audaciously grasps the great potential she possesses. But, there are also days when I feel my sparkle and effervescent spirit abruptly abandon me, leaving place to lethargy, doubt and uncertainty. Do you have those days too? If yes, what is your way to turn into the bold, buoyant lady again?

I discovered the power of boosting my confidence and igniting my inner sparkle by wearing graphically striking ensemble, straight from the “Roar” story. The song itself helps a lot too!


The animal print draws a naturally strong picture with a “claw”, implying the powerful, unpredictable, fearless and untamed. It’s never dull. When I put the “wild skin” on, I feel instinctively confident and spirited. Add a few animal-inspired accessories, and I am totally transformed into that sparkling tiger woman from NYC.


Michael Kors Hamilton Pick Stitch Studded Canvas Tote in Tiger Canvas embodies the quintessence of my feral yet chic look. It roars with the startling feline pattern and ambushes you with astounding studs, superb croc leather and beautiful gold tone details. The raw touch of canvas paired with deluxe texture of sturdy exotic leather and glam hardware conjures the magnetism of a savage animal in its natural habitat. Powerful, wild and hypnotizing: this handbag has it all to arouse your inner strengths so when you stride across the street, all the passersby turn heads mesmerized. You can roar with satisfaction because you got the eye of the tiger.

To go totally wild with my look, I hunted this Michael Kors Mixed Animal-Print Maxi dress and Jade T-Strap kitten heels.


This dazzling dress strikes with its realistic Bengal tiger stripes and coloration of black, gold, dark and light browns. The maxi length and the striped pattern visually elongate the silhouette. The sexy split hem at the front offers a tribute to femininity so you can boldly stroll with felinity. The startling studs at the front and back deliver an unexpected iteration of the studs on the bag and the heels, adding a chic and edgy vibe. Sophisticated and impactful, these tiger stripes make you feel like you truly own them. The powerful print set against the soft, flowing fabric and graceful design presents a stunning sight, nothing short of genius.

Brilliant is also the idea of combining the crocodile-embossed leather with hemp canvas like in these Michael Kors studded pointed toe shoes.


Hemp describes a variety of the Cannabis plant and its products like fiber, paper, fuel, seeds or oil, and of course, marijuana. The history of hemp textile fiber dates back to the Christopher Columbus’ time and ships rigged with sails made of hemp. The fiber is strong, durable and it doesn’t wear out. Apparently, the first American flag was made of hemp by Betsy Ross in 1776. In California, Levi Strauss appreciated the rugged character of hemp canvas and used it to make his first pair of jeans. Today hemp can be softened yet still keeps its great durability. As a very versatile fabric, hemp is used for numerous products from clothing and shoes to accessories. When combined with contrasting textures and materials, hemp offers a totally different dimension to the fashion design just like in these kitten heels, where it is mixed with croc leather T-strap punctuated with golden studs for an avant-garde look. The shoes call: “texture, texture, texture” which tangibly translates to “ embossed leather, hemp canvas, metal studs”, matching the same sensational qualities of the purse.


The eye-catching, animal-inspired jewelry pieces complete this knockout look. “Champion, Roar, Fighter”- three stacking rings from Katy Perry Prism collection (Claire’s) tell it all. Gold, hematite and silver: each features shiny crystals on the side and none leaves doubt about a wearer – successful, self-confident, invincible. The Roar Square Statement ring (Katy Perry for Claire’s) strikes with a powerful, visual punch. The Naomi ring featuring a luxurious elephant head stands out proudly against the wild scenery. Not surprising, it was designed by Tory Burch, acclaimed one of the “Most Powerful Women in the World” by Forbes.


The Ann Taylor Modern Classic Tiger Eye Bar cuff (similar) spotlights a chatoyant stone and evokes the vision of a tiger’s claws grasping the wrist with a fierce. The tiger studs (Katy Perry, Claire’s)  roar to my ears: you “got the eye of the tigress” adding to the transfixing wild picture.


The Geneva Platinum wrap watch (similar) with a mother of pearl dial glitters with Czech rhinestones and goldtone studs on the tiger print strap. It boldly joins the studded company of the handbag, dress and shoes.

Fashion designers unanimously agree that the wild has the power to incite imagination and spark the fire of creativity. Strength, courage, confidence, willpower, magnetism, sensuality and  trust in your own instincts are all incarnated in the tiger animal and wearing its stripes brings these qualities out. Then, all you need to do is to be bold and fierce, and grasp the life by its horns. You can do it, if you believe! So, do you believe?



  1. You truly look GREAT in the animal print outfits. Love this theme and your mild, sort of Tongue-in-Cheek therapist arole playing. I am serious! You have a few new posts in this post and they are working well!


  2. Ah, I never would have thought to do this much animal print together but the way you styled it, totally works! And LOVE those rings. Hope you had a good holiday and don’t forget about the fashion show at The Brooklyn Museum.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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