Winter’s Tale Part II

Pursefixation against the Brooklyn Bridge

And he was seldom out of sight of the new bridges, which had married beautiful womanly Brooklyn to her rich uncle, Manhattan; had put the city’s hand out to the country; and were the end of the past because they spanned not only distance and deep water but dreams and time.”

Winter’s Tale, Mark Helprin

And that’s where my Winter’s Tale brought me: to the foot of Brooklyn Bridge – the colossal construction of steel with monumental columns made of limestone, granite and cement that became an imposing symbol of the power of technology and optimism of the time. Today, embodying the grandiose spirit of New York City, this transcendent architectural marvel still attracts thousands of people every day. Prodigious in the eyes of its first admirers, it transgresses the time and astounds the hearts of crowds today, and no doubt, it will still impress the ones that come after.

I have become seduced by the magnificence of the view, the grand New York City icon and its past and tangible story preserved in the stone, steel and wire. The grace of design and the beauty of Brooklyn Bridge encompass the class, sophistication and quality – timeless attributes that I cherish and look for in fashion.

PurseFixation at the Brooklyn Bridge NYC

Coco Chanel once said that “Fashion should express the place” and I couldn’t agree more. The spectacular cityscape with majestic Brooklyn Bridge stretching for almost 2 km above the East River calls for splendid fashion that conveys the dazzle and glamour of the scenery with the upscale Brooklyn neighborhood on one side and extravagant Downtown Manhattan on the other.

It is to be made of light […]Light of all frequencies will be shuffled, husbanded, harbored, held in reserve, magnified, reflected, reverberated, refracted, tuned, arranged, and focused so that it builds on its own strength. […] solid beam upon which it will be possible to travel.”

To reflect the place with all its magnitude and elegance, I picked Guess Morvana jacket, Guess Long-Sleeve Twist Cutout pullover, Ann Taylor Quilted Faux Leather skirt, Veneziana Rete tights and Ted Baker Elvena pumps: all perfectly attuned with my superb Ted Baker Moti Envelope clutch.

Pursefixation at the Brooklyn Bridge

This faux-fur piece is an obvious choice that brilliantly spotlights the luxurious setting. Furry and soft, with intense shine and contrasting white and blue animal print, this jacket embodies the lavish and chic straight from the Sex and the City, and it seamlessly transitions from the Sunday brunch cover-up at your favorite Brooklyn spot to the Downtown evening show-stopper. The irradiant blue animal spots glowing in the light perfectly match the springbok Mohawk on the purse, adding an exotic, wild wow factor to the outfit.

Ted Baker Moti Envelop Clutch in Blue and matching outfit

The fur jacket is warm enough to dare this sexy turtleneck underneath. You may remember Carrie Bradshaw wearing a slip dress and a fancy fur piece running around Manhattan on the cold winter days (Sex and the City) – a NYC fashion statement that carries to these days. It’s unquestionably stylish and so New York to show a bit of bare skin under your sumptuous furry coat. So channeling fashionable Carrie Bradshaw, I put on this sultry top that sets the sensational vibe and harmoniously complements the blues. The skin-revealing cutouts on the sleeves, flattering fit and rich blue shade make for a dramatic, high-impact effect that strikes the eye the moment the coat is off.

The faux leather quilted mini skirt offers a sleek, ultra-modern escort to the clutch bringing the focus to these enviable net tights that become an essential backbone to any early spring outfit.

Ted Baker Envelope clutch and matching blue suede heels

Following the leg line, these Ted Baker heels certainly prove to be an empowering standout statement that effortlessly elevate the look from a daytime strut around the city to the late dinner at River Café. Beautiful, luxe suede in rich blue hue, pointed-toe silhouette, the striking gold metal tip and allover metallic stiletto heel impress the eye with a glamorous twinkle and pure sophistication. Teamed with the blue turtleneck, bag and the jacket, the pumps join in the same  league of the chic.

“Manhattan, a cage of white ribs and a mass of glowing crystal, seemed nearly alive.”

To highlight the luminescence of the skyline and add a sparkle to the look, I donned this magnificent faux sapphire set from Avon (earrings, necklace, ring, similar, similar, similar) that glints in the light reflecting the beams of great intensity.

PurseFixation at the Brooklyn Bridge

The blue, white, silver, and gold beams that comprised the sheath were transparent, blinding, and jewel-like, and a halation that appeared substantial enough to walk upon followed and echoed the main structure in a diffuse, spangling, silvery road.”

The deep hue of faux sapphire accentuates the blues of the outfit and the shimmering clear stones around bring out all the glam and splendor of the surrounding.

The Swarovski Balthus ring and Louise et Cie Micro Pavé Star Hinged Bangle bracelet, both feature an extraordinary starburst motif frozen in a shape of delicate snowflakes that glitter like ice crystals on a sunny winter day. Visionary design, shiny rhodium-plated metal and crystal pavé embellishments make for a brilliant creation that traces a thin line in between the boundaries of the real and imaginary – two worlds depicted so beautifully by Mark Helprin in his faerie novel “Winter’s Tale” where Peter Lake gallops on the white horse over Manhattan of the industrial era trying to freeze time and bring back the dead.

Swarovski Balthus ring and Louise and Cie bangle star bracelet

It’s easy to get lost in this story of magic realism where fantasy elements enter the realistic world in such a natural manner that it almost feels believable, and surely is enchanting. Written in an emotional, beautiful language, this haunting tale will take you on a journey to New York City of the Belle Epoque, the time of extraordinary winters, enigmatic souls, mystical places and transcendent love that reaches beyond time and space. With your heart squeezed with anticipation, you will follow the adventures of Peter Lake, Beverly Penn, Jackson Mead and angelic Athansor, and before the last paragraph is over, you will already feel that their story continues beyond the pages of the book.

PurseFixation reading Marc Helprin's Winter's Tale

Intrigued? Reach for the novel and it will sparkle your imagination.

Talking sparkle. This astounding Michael Kors Channing Moonstone and Silvertone timepiece has it all to dazzle and spellbind, so time doesn’t really matter anymore. Nowadays, as everybody carries their cell phones, a watch is no longer just a useful device that tells time. It is a statement status piece, a real jewel that adorn your wrist. It defines your style. And this watch certainly defines mine. Sophisticated, with modern contours and gleaming crystals, it decadently spoils with luster and glamour. Remarkable blue moonstone dial enthrall by the scintillating crystal pavé constellations in the star-studded firmament. Totally magnetizing, it captivates, then draws you into the world from the outer space, somewhere on the edge of reality and imaginary so you may need to pinch yourself to find out this microcosm of galaxy is on your wrist.

Michael Kors Channing Moonstone and Silver Tone Watch

Although the minute hand didn’t slow down, the time seemed to stop for a while on that winter day. Was it my reverie, the watch or the book, or maybe the Brooklyn Bridge dominating the scenery behind?

“ […], that is a question which you must answer within your own heart.”

Winter’s Tale, Mark Helprin

Have a fashionable day everyone!


  1. Wow I can’t believe it is faux, and your makeup looks so good in this post! I love it and the whole look. Cant’ wait for our next meet up glad you liked the pix.

    Allie of ALLIENYC


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