Manhattan skyline

Winter’s Tale Part II

Pursefixation against the Brooklyn Bridge

And he was seldom out of sight of the new bridges, which had married beautiful womanly Brooklyn to her rich uncle, Manhattan; had put the city’s hand out to the country; and were the end of the past because they spanned not only distance and deep water but dreams and time.”

Winter’s Tale, Mark Helprin

And that’s where my Winter’s Tale brought me: to the foot of Brooklyn Bridge – the colossal construction of steel with monumental columns made of limestone, granite and cement that became an imposing symbol of the power of technology and optimism of the time. Today, embodying the grandiose spirit of New York City, this transcendent architectural marvel still attracts thousands of people every day. Prodigious in the eyes of its first admirers, it transgresses the time and astounds the hearts of crowds today, and no doubt, it will still impress the ones that come after.

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The Cuban: The Place to Eat for Fashion Week

The Cuban Hoboken Restaurant

New York Fashion Week may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the craziness of the fashion capital of the world stops. Not even for a second!

So grab your glamorous purse and let’s have a fashionable dinner. Where? Somewhere you can catch a second breath after hopelessly trying to catch a cab in between your next runway show and shopping ’till you drop gorgeous. Some place sophisticated, that will stop your glitzy watch ticking for a moment you step in “back in time” until the moment you step out “back to your schedule”, enchanted.

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