Lucky & Topshop Exclusive Fashion Panel in NYC

Lucky Magazine & Topshop Exclusive Fashion Panel NYC

One of the coolest and most fashionable things about New York City is that it’s highly possible and almost certain that one day you will find yourself “lucky”, talking fashion with the editor-in-chief of one of the top fashion magazines while shopping for new season must-have pieces. Don’t you love NYC?

I got “lucky” myself a few times already and met the fashion elite, celebrities and influencers while on shopping escapade in Manhattan.

This time, I learned about the event from my friend and fellow blogger Allie of allienyc, and we decided to meet up at the Lucky & Topshop Exclusive Fashion Panel at Topshop’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue. (Check out my Fashion Calendar for more exciting NYC fashion events!)  After browsing the SS15 arrivals, we gathered around the denim section (denim is huge again this season!) where the fashion panel discussion started with the style guru and Lucky Magazine editor-in-chief Eva Chen, the self acclaimed shopping-obsessed New Yorker. Well, she certainly was in the right spot to shop!

Talking of new trends, closet essentials and spring shopping, Chen joined Sophie Pera, the stylist of Into the Gloss, Christina Caradona, fashion blogger of Trop Rouge and fashion insider & “NYC’s baddest baker,” Amirah Kassem, founder of Flour Shop.

The choice of the Topshop’s denim department for this casual fashion chat obviously wasn’t accidental as Eva Chen dressed in Topshop denim dress made everybody feel at ease leading a friendly conversation and asking her guests about their fashion journey, wardrobe obsessions, spring must-haves, styling tips and beauty essentials. Everybody was anxious to hear Eva Chen’s own confessions and a “fashionable” personal story never told before. And she delivered, admitting she always carries a hand sanitizer and, although she doesn’t always put make up on, she never leaves home without curling her eyelashes. We laughed at the story from her trip to Seoul and late-night mall shopping experience: “You go in and it’s all kinds of street style clothes, but open until 4 a.m. You’re so jet-lagged that you’re basically delirious and you’re just throwing money and buying everything. The last time I came back, I was like, ‘Why yes, I will wear this skirt with bunny ears on top of it and glitter and pompoms.’ What was I thinking?

We all laughed at this somehow familiar “shopping situation”that happened to all of us -NYC ladies- at least once, during one of those seasonal shopping sprees.

We learnt that creativity and authenticity on your social media pay off, that comfy shoes are a must-have in your spring/summer around and about New York City, that the biggest fashion no-no is see-through leggings, that you should catch the opportunity and never regret your ‘bad” fashion choices from the past. And of course, we all found out how absolutely impossible it is to pick out one single piece in our closets we can’t live without. Seriously, we know we need them all, right?

To see more of how we spent that fashionable Tuesday afternoon, watch the video below. Enjoy!

Visit Topshop’s flagship store on 5th Avenue to shop Lucky’s Picks for SS15! Don’t panic! It’s open until 10pm! Not a New Yorker? Don’t panic either! Visit the website for all new-ins and more!

Thanks to Allie from Allienyc for the great company!

Have a fashionable day everyone!


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