NY Couture Fashion Week: Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci


NY Fashion Week is all about discoveries- new trends, next season’s color palette, top designers’ new creations and inspirations are revealed. I love the excitement, suspension and that mysterious aura spreading above the runways just before the show starts. But it is also a thrilling opportunity to meet people, come across new brands and discover up-and-coming fashion designers from all over the world. And, this is exactly how I met Alessia and Simona Iuliucci from Italy and  learnt about their label Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci while attending the NY Couture Fashion Week at the Crowne Plaza Times Square on 5th September.

I got enchanted by the sensual, airy collection unfolding the beauty of luxurious floral appliqués and embroideries. The elegance and femininity combined with opulent and decorative fabrics create graceful, liberated silhouettes manifesting  the harmony between purity and passion, vice and virtue.

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I talked with Alessia and Simona Iuliucci after the runway show:

PurseFixation: Tell us please a little bit about Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci. When and how did you start?

Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci: Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci was launched in 2012 from the passion and creative spirit of two sisters following their dream to transform the finest fabrics into a spirit of life through couture designs. The project has started in Montesarchio, Benevento near Naples where we were born. I studied Fashion Design at IED Istituto Europeo di Design (European Institute of Design) in Rome and Simona studied to became pattern maker at Accademia della Moda of Naples. Our creations are always a tribute to femininity and elegance. Over the past two years, Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci has shown on the runway in Milan, Bologna and Benevento.

PF: What inspired your collection?

ASI: The latest collection unfolds sumptuously in a decorative growing, a triumph of luxurious floral appliqués and embroidery. This season is gentle and elegant, sensually caressing like a cool breeze. The inspiration is: the vice and the virtue. A knot of contradictions in a subtle fashion, an effervescent dimension to line mixing restraint with liberation and gives life to a woman who embodies the highest purity and, at the same time, the impetuous passion.

PF: Could you please tell us about the fabrics you used ?

ASI: Ethereal chiffon creates a liberated and carefree mood, while embroidery-sculpted fabrics donate to the gowns a otherworldly harmony and, at the same time, a glowing opulence that reflect that state of  fresh grace in which enhance the gracefulness female in balance between two opposite: the vice and the virtue.

PF: What does this experience mean to you, to present your collection at the NY Couture Fashion Week?

ASI: This experience will be unforgettable. To parade on this catwalk has been an important opportunity and we hope that will be a great occasion for our career, certainly will be important for the growth of our brand, in these event there is the opportunity to establish important contacts and to show our creations to the press and to the buyer. Our dream has always been to position us as a global brand and to enter in the world of international fashion.

PF: And here you are, on the runway in the heart of the fashion world in NYC making you dream come true! Thank you for the interview and lots of success with this and future collections.

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