The Cuban: The Place to Eat for Fashion Week

The Cuban Hoboken Restaurant

New York Fashion Week may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the craziness of the fashion capital of the world stops. Not even for a second!

So grab your glamorous purse and let’s have a fashionable dinner. Where? Somewhere you can catch a second breath after hopelessly trying to catch a cab in between your next runway show and shopping ’till you drop gorgeous. Some place sophisticated, that will stop your glitzy watch ticking for a moment you step in “back in time” until the moment you step out “back to your schedule”, enchanted.

The Cuban.

Vibrant, stylish décor, bread served in old wooden cigar boxes, excellent discrete service and that special latin vibe will transport you straight to La Habana. This is the place Mr. Hemingway would certainly  have  spent a lot of  time in, sipping his favorite Daquiri and enjoying evenings with friends.

The Cuban Hoboken Restaurant decor

To get to The Cuban, you don’t need to book a flight to Cuba though. From Macy’s doorsteps at 33th St., take a path train to Hoboken (15min ride), leave at the last stop, short walk along Washington St. and you’re there (total 25mins)! Yes, it’s on the other side of the Hudson River, three blocks from the shore with a spectacular view of Manhattan skyline! People who never cross the river, can never see Manhattan like this!

Midtown Manhattan view from Hoboken shore.

The menu is simply sumptuous. Indulge in resplendent Ceviche de Camarón followed by a cooked-to-perfection Bistec or try savory Churrasco and mouthwatering mojitos (phenomenal!).

I have been to The Cuban twice and the second time was last weekend for a special, romantic Valentine’s dinner. We had a delightful Bife de Res Montadito – fillet mignon tartar and amazing Ceviche de Atùn – delicate tuna ceviche with avocado, grapefruit, basil and jalapeño, followed by an excellent ribeye steak and flavorful Fideo de Mariscos – sublime mélange of shrimps, clams, lobster and scallops.  Add a refreshing Mojito de Guava and you have a divine meal!

Tuna Ceviche and fillet mignon beef tartar in The Cuban Hoboken

Bistec Ribeye Steak at the Cuban Restaurant Hoboke

 If you loved what you had, never leave without dessert!

My personal motto that I always follow and so I did this time.

We got spoiled with Panacota de Coco with guava purée and Torta de Chocolate served with vanilla bean ice cream and blackberry coulis. How not to succumb to this?

The Cuban Restaurant in Hoboken, dessert.

The Cuban is definitely the place to go back to, for the ambience, the food and for that Manhattan view!

Uptown Manhattan view from Hoboken shore


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