NYC Christmas Window Displays


Christmas time is coming together with a wave of arctic cold here in New York City. However, the low temperatures don’t discourage the tourists and New Yorkers eager to see this season’s festive holiday window displays from gathering in front of big stores and boutiques. And, everybody knows that Macy’s Herald Square flagship store and Lord & Taylor on the 5th Avenue have the most magnificent window displays in the world.

Today Macy’s unveiled its impressive displays, a week after Lord & Taylor. As always, they both didn’t disappoint. Lord & Taylor tells stories straight from a fairy land while Macy’s sends us on a magical travel in time and space to the mythological world of Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus and back to the Earth with the spectacular miniature of NYC seen from afar.

Check the displays out, if you have a chance and let me know what you think!


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