New York Fashion Week: Alyssa Collura


All the fashion world is here in New York City as NY Fashion Week gets into full swing. Everybody who is in fashion wants to be part of it.  If you weren’t able to make it , I am bringing it to you straight from the fashion runways of NYFW 2014!

On September 7th, Alyssa Collura, a NYC based emerging fashion designer straight from NY Fashion Institute of Technology, presented her luminous Spring/Summer 2015 collection and I was there proudly holding my NYFW Press Pass.

It was an ethereal, iridescent show of opalescent colors and unexpected textures inspired by the subtle play of light on water. We were enthralled by kaleidoscopic, holographic prints and luminescent colors combined with surprising mix of textiles.  In her prismatic collection, Alyssa masterfully incorporates lace, chiffon, organza, suede and leather patchwork creating a sensual vision of feminine fragility with classy silhouettes and raw edges.


Olive Lace Crop Top with Miró Patchwork/Olive Lace Skirt with Miró Patchwork


Printed Chiffon Open Back Gown


Peach Beaded Evening Skirt & Water Print Silk FX Halter

The Interview

It was such a pleasure to talk with Alyssa Collura after the show.

PurseFixation: “Hi, I am Renata of Pursefixation and here we are live from New York Fashion Week and Alyssa Collura’s Fashion Show. First of all, big congratulations on your wonderful collection. How would you call this collection?

Alyssa Collura: “It’s inspired by girlhood and iridescence.”

PF: “What’s the message behind your collection?”

AC: “The play of light and how this is representative of taking your mind out of the norm to a more imaginative plane. That’s why I wanted to layer treated fabrics. I think it’s really interesting when people stop focusing on density and can start focusing on lightness and something more ethereal.”

PF: “I know you are inspired by raw textures and colors in nature. Could you tell us what in nature inspired you this time?”

AC: “Definitely the experience of seeing a play of light on water. I am trying to interpret that in my fabric techniques. For the digital prints, I collaborated with a photographer who captures the play of light  and color on water.”

PF: “How did you enjoy the collaboration with that nature photographer, Evelyn Palmer?”

AC: “It kind of came about organically. I was looking for photographs of water and then one of my dear friends introduced me to her. She happened to photograph water, it was just an organic connection”.

PF: “Awesome! Let’s talk a little about textiles. I know you use a lot of lace. What type of lace is your favorite?”

AC: “I just love beautiful Chantilly laces, especially the ones I use in the collection with iridescent fibers. But also I do love Alençon lace, as well. I used it in my last collection.”

PF: “We saw a lot of leather pieces, leather patchwork, chiffon, silk. So, what is your second favorite material apart from lace?”

AC: “Raw edged leather, keeping the raw edges of leather skin. I think they are beautiful and most times people cut them off trying to make them perfect and sterile, but I like the raw edges.”

PF: “Is it any material that you would like to experiment with in the future?

AC: “Yes, I would love to experiment more with fabric layering. Layering chiffon over organza and prints like I did in this collection.”

PF: “I know you specialize in the hand-dyeing technique. Could you tell us a little more about that and about the process of creation of one of your pieces?”

AC: “Yeah, in the hand-dyed pieces I was actually trying to approach iridescence in a different way. I was approaching it as a flat form, you know, not just as a visual play of light but I was trying to capture the colors that lay next to each other in the spectrum. When light is refracted, like in an oil spill, the colors just lay next to each other. That’s why it was hand-dyed. But in this collection, I focused more on the holographic effect.”

PF: “What kind of dyes do you use?”

AC: “Ritt dye. Just the standard dye that you buy from a store in the garment district.”

PF: “When and where can we purchase your collection?”

AC: “Very soon, in New York.”

PF: “Then, we are waiting for your collection and once again big congratulation and thank you very much this interview and good luck in the future.”

Many thanks to Alyssa Collura and Alexandra Tuazon for providing us with this wonderful opportunity.

To view Alyssa Collura’s collection, please visit



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