Fashion Trend SS15 Fixation: Laser Cut

Chloé SS15 RTW

Chloé SS15 RTW Photo

It rejuvenates the skin with a surgical precision, softens the signs of aging, removes hair excess and discolorations. The miraculous laser tempts with all sorts of beauty treatments promising prolonged youth and crow-feet-free happy face. But, it is not only about the beauty, or is it?

Thanks to its meticulous precision, endless possibilities and accurate, consistent results, lasers easily find their way to the haute couture salons, designers’ studios and factories where they revive imagination and enliven the fashion design. Clean cuts, intricate details, sealed edges, minimal material loss, and use of variety of fabrics even as delicate as silk or lace, makes laser cutting one of the most exciting fashion design techniques to experiment with.

This spring/summer, designers let their imagination cut loose and use the extreme precision of the laser to create visionary pieces that make the eye follow every cut with amazement.

From imaginary forms, exquisite patterns, remarkable large scale shapes to extremely small, elaborated cuts and fanciful trims, laser cut garments will strike more than ever this upcoming season, as they surge in the SS15 ready-to-wear collections and become wearable art.

While Chloé creates stunning, chimerical visions with her intricate laser design, Versace showcases sharp leather cuts punctuated with metal details for a cutting-edge effect. Emillio Pucci uses laser to reveal a little bit more of a bare skin while creating clean lines and eye-catching structures. DKNY delivers sexy-meets-sporty, Sacai plays with beautiful, elaborated cuts and Tommy Hilfiger spreads meticulous little stars over his dresses. Both, Rochas and Carolina Herrera show imaginative genius with their elaborated laser designs. Stella McCartney goes for substantial forms and Fendi incorporates vivid graphic prints. Hermès makes us ponder and look twice at his design straight from the Museum of Modern Art, whereas Kenzo cuts handbags to match the playful, laser-cut pattern of the outfit.

Sexy, edgy, feminine, avant-garde, fun, sophisticated and artful – the laser cut trend conveys it all. And, with the constant advancement of technology, laser cut clothing becomes now more affordable than ever. So, this season, think about rejuvenating your closet with a new remarkable laser-cut dress, skirt or top, and you won’t regret!

Get ready to cut a striking figure!

Emilio Pucci SS15 RTW Laser cut black dress

Emilio Pucci SS15 RTW Photo

Emilio Pucci SS15 RTW Laser Cut trend

Emilio Pucci SS15 RTW photo



Versace SS15 RTW

Versace SS15 RTW Photo

Versace SS15 RTW

Versace SS15 RTW Photo

Rochas SS15 RTW

Rochas SS15 RTW Photo

Carolina Herrera SS15 RTW Laser Cut white ensemble

Carolina Herrera SS15 RTW Photo

Tommy Hilfiger SS15 RTW Marsala color dress with laser cut stars

Tommy Hilfiger SS15 RTW Photo

Sacai SS15 RTW white ensemble

Sacai SS15 RTW Photo

Sacai SS15 RTW

Sacai SS15 RTW Photo

Fendi SS15 RTW

Fendi SS15 RTW Photo

Hermès Spring 2015 RTW

Hermès Spring 2015 RTW Photo

Stella McCartney SS15 RTW

Stella McCartney SS15 RTW Photo

Kenzo SS15 RTW

Kenzo SS15 RTW Photo

So, what’s next? 3D printed garments and accessories?


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