Chanel N°5 In A New Light Exhibition

Chanel N°5 in a New Light exhibition NYC

When Gabrielle Chanel created Chanel N°5, she didn’t know it would become the most famous perfume in the world and the icon of her own myth. She wanted a synthesis of nature, a long-lasting fragrance that reflects a scent of a clean female body and completes an image of a modern, fashionable and desirable woman. She achieved her goal with a help of her partner Ernest Beaux in 1921 creating the perfume that scented a “synthesis of woman” enclosed in a simple yet sophisticated bottle marked N°5 . The icon was born.

There are many secrets and myths around the creation and components of this timeless perfume. Ernest Beaux apparently told Chanel that the fragrance would come out very expensive as it contained such a large number of rare ingredients like jasmine. To reply to this, Gabrielle was supposed to say: “In that case, add more of it. I would like to create the most costly perfume in the world“.

So, how many jasmine flowers does every bottle contain?

Watch this video to find out the answer, and to experience the unique sensorial discovery, visit Chanel N°5 In A New Light exhibition in NYC, open daily until May 17th. Through its interactive and digital displays, mysterious illuminations, sounds, and abstract art pieces, it will transport you in a magical world of Chanel N°5. You will also learn the history behind the creation of the iconic scent and have a chance to write and send (for free!) your own Chanel stamped card, and of course, to get a sample of Chanel N°5 to go! Enjoy!

Have a fashionable day everyone!


  1. You’re so right, she most likely had no idea how sensational it would become! I doubt it’ll be long before I cave in and add some Chanel to my scent collection haha 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice



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