7 Wonderful Ways to Woo your Valentine

Valentine's Day 2015

Give me a man who is man enough to give himself just to the woman who is worth him. If that woman were me I would love him alone and forever“. Francesca Bruni in Casanova (movie)

We all seek the true love: somebody we hope to share our thoughts, dreams, fears and laughs with. Someone totally devoted to us. Someone we trust and cherish dearly in our heart. Many of us may still be searching, but for those who already found their amore, Valentine’s Day is yet another perfect time to express our appreciation, love, care and affection.

“C: I’ve never sought glory as a lover.
SB: What then, senor Casanova, do you seek?
C: A moment that lasts a lifetime.”

Freshly in love or those together for years, every couple needs a romantic, sparkling moment to revive the flame, especially in these crazy way-too-short-24h days in between a rushed kiss in the morning, breakfast on-the-go, Instagram on the subway, a short “CU@7 xo” text message and the too-tired-to-do-anything evening when you use the only joule of energy that’s left to call for pizza delivery.

Ok, maybe it’s not THAT bad! However, Valentine’s Day offers a seductive opportunity to slow down, take time to look at each other and get a bit more lovey-dovey. Besides, this year it falls on Saturday, so no excuses! Make it special, sparkling, magical, romantic and woo your Valentine once again. How?

“Be the flame – not the moth” Giacomo Casanova

A romantic restaurant is always a lovey idea but this year I choose a home setting to get more intimate and prepare everything exactly the way I want. Believe me, your Valentine will surely appreciate your creativity and time you put into every detail to make this evening so special.

1. Start with a choice of a movie that will set the mood. You cannot go wrong with “Titanic” but, to be more adventurous, I pick “Casanova” in beautiful 18th century Venice where romantic scenes alternate humorous quiproquos for a happily-ever-after ending.

2. Prepare a surprise dinner, something you haven’t had for a long time and you both will enjoy. What can be more tempting then decadent cheese fondue? But, there is one rule you need to follow: whenever you loose your food in the cheesy mixture, you have to kiss your partner! Isn’t it the perfect Valentine’s dinner?

Ingredients: 5 cups of shredded cheese – a mix is the best (Gruyère, Swiss, Emmentaler, Jarlsberg), 3 tablespoons flour, 1 +1/2 cups white wine, 2 tablespoons Harvey’s Bristol Cream, 1/4 cup milk, 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg, 1/8 teaspoon white pepper. To dip: celery, grapes, ciabatta roll, salami, baby corn (steamed first), cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, apple, pear or whatever you wish!

Bring cheeses to room temperature, toss with the flour and set aside. In a saucepan or straight in the fondue pot heat wine until bubbles, then reduce heat and stir in the cheese mixture, a little at a time, stirring constantly. Make sure all cheese is melted and mixture bubbles gently. Add milk, Harvey’s, nutmeg and white pepper. Transfer mixture to a fondue pot and set on a fondue burner. Enjoy!

3. To toast this special evening together, a bottle of Merlot may be romantic enough but pretty predictable. I suggest you to try the rich sherry Harvey’s Bristol Cream straight from Spain. A pure extravagancy. Why not?

4. Desert! You must have it! But instead of Lindt chocolates, make your own sweet temptation – chocolate covered strawberries. Fast, easy and you can play with different toppings. My favorites are coconut flakes and hazelnuts but strawberries will come out delicious with all sorts of nuts and even sprinkled with chia seeds or matcha tea. Be creative!

Ingredients: 10 strawberries, dark chocolate bar (50g), toppings, such as crashed hazelnuts or coconut flakes.

Wash strawberries, dry well and set aside. Spread the coconut flakes and hazelnuts on two separate plates. Melt chocolate bar in a double boiler. Holding the strawberries by the green leaves, dip them well in the chocolate and hold until the dripping stops. Coat some in the coconut flakes and some in hazelnuts gently rolling them on the plates. Set aside on the parchment paper and voilà. Perfection! You can put them into the fridge to make the chocolate harden faster.

5. Make yourself gorgeous! You want to be a flame, right? Get yourself a sexy little something. Less revealing or more, sheer, lacy or silk, you will find whatever you need at Victoria’s Secret. I love my new silk la dolce rose slip!

6. At home you want to be more au naturel so strong make-up is unnecessary but to add that extra sexy touch, a lipstick is a must! Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection is nothing short of a genius. Not only are the colors fabulous but you may be lucky to find the one named after your Valentine! Mine is Giacomo.

7. Last but not least, indulge the senses with irresistible perfume that will unfold an alluring bouquet and take this romantic evening to yet another level to seduce your partner. Prada Candy Florale is delicate, sweet, coquettish yet elegant and refined. Totally tantalizing!

How does it all work together? Here is a sneek peek of my Valentine’s Day!

And, so tell me, what are your tricks to charm your Valentine?


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