Maika Jewelry: From Japan to NYC


Delicate, chic and beautifully crafted, Maika Jewelry is all handmade in Japan. Created with a unique technique and unexpected materials, the Maika collection soared over the Pacific Ocean straight to NYC to win your hearts!

A few days ago on 16th July, I had the pleasure to interview Jasmine Maika Wilson, the designer behind Maika Jewelry. It was a big day for Jasmine as she launched her jewelry collection here in NYC at The Ainsworth on 26th St. in Manhattan. It was very sweet of her to take time and talk to me about her latest collections: ChicDots, Fouli and Summer Beach. 

ChicDots SUN30-GD-NV $105 SUN11-GD-OR $68Multi_bib_neck

You are invited to watch the video interview (my first ever so please forgive all the imperfections!) to learn what special technique is used to create pieces from the ChicDots collection, what are “cotton pearls” and what inspired the Summer Beach line.

Aren’t you already in love with these elegant pieces? To purchase, visit

Many thanks to Jasmin Maika Wilson for the interview and the photos!


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